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    Everything on the circuitboard is lit up, and when i sat in the throne, all of the icons and sliders lit up for the first time, but the power keeps blowing up on the power lever in the same room. Do I actually have too much power?
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    Stupid question. Ignore.
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    Gah. I shut off the control panel way up top (that only has 4 lights), and went back down...and the power switch lever still blew when i tried to sit in the throne. What did I do wrong?
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    OK, I did it. I had every light lit up on the circuit board. Normally, that would seem like an accomplishment on Myst. Not this time.
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    No worries! Glad you found your way through! I had the same problem my first time through. I had too many crystals lit on the control panel, therefore I kept blowing the circuit.
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