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    Year 3 pass gone

    Loaded up my game this evening to find my rep 6 BP locked along with arcade mode. I bought marching fire as well as the year 3 pass in January. Is this a problem many are experiencing?
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    Yeh I put a ticket in on it, same issue - rep 6 BP locked on me
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    Same here. No marching fire and no year 3 pass
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    Did any of you happen to change your psn?
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    I think its just a server bug - had a few weird issues lately like in game lag, bots spawning into duels and being replaced by players mid fight - theres a thread in here about somone recently being stuck watching a tree for a match

    Something is going a tad wrong in ubi-land methinks
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    Well glad it isn't just me
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    Hey all, are you still experiencing the issues with missing Pass content? What platforms are you playing on?
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