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    Many people have got issues with pistol only games becasue when you search for game in blind siege all you find is pistol only on headquarters. i think we need new maps or get rid of pistols only and keep them as a secondry weapon. let me know what you think!

    GARI UNIT!!!!!!!!!!
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    this is just another one of those threads trying to ruin this game.

    if you dont like pistols only.. host your own match.

    why do people continue to try and ruin the game for others.

    people play siege with pistols only becuz sumwhere the rumor is that you rank up faster using pistols only.

    i could care less about siege or rank...

    i just dont want to lose ANOTHER option.

    again.. if you dont like pistols only.. then make a match without it. people that like playing with your settings will join you.

    you shouldnt request to get rid of an option; you should request for a search option or sumthin so we can find games with settings we like...EASIER!
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    There's already an option to choose the kit you want. Hell, you can even make a custom kit. This is just one of those matters of preference. I almost think if JG was to bring his spawnkilling argument here (god forbid!) it would be a least a little relevant. Restricting valid options because you don't like them is short-sighted. However, restricting unfair exploits which lower the level of play (spawnkilling) is in my book a very responsible move. If everybody likes playing pistols then they should be allowed to do so no matter how annoying it gets. It's just like grenade tagging in GoW IMO - annoying but still a viable tactic.
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    harry.. why are you turning this thread into a "spawnkilling" thread? did you see my name on the response and had to come in here and bring up something totally off the wall?

    to address your attack: spawnkilling is not an unfair exploit.

    if there are 2 sniper towers in 2 different spawns...and one team decides to put a sniper in the tower.. and the other team doesnt? is that an exploit?'s a matter of choice and a matter of tactics.

    if both teams CAN spawnkill... then it is not an exploit.. an EXPLOIT is when one team CAN do something and the other team can't..both teams have the SAME opportunity to spawn kill. there isn't some magic rule that says only the red team can spawnkill the blue team can't.

    don't turn this THREAD about an OPTION RESTRICTION into another thread that bashes sharpshooter.

    if you think spawnkilling "lowers the level of gameplay".. but i think otherwise.. it shows your statement is only a matter of opinion and not FACT.

    quit turning your opinions into fact. quit attacking the game of sharpshooter.

    i didnt even wanna talk about sharpshooter in this thread..but i'm not gonna let someone bash it with out a counterpoint.
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    this is just another one of those threads trying to ruin this game...why do people continue to try and ruin the game for others...i just dont want to lose ANOTHER option.
    Surely you must have been referring to our previous discussion with these comments. Anyways, I wasn't reopening the s/k topic. I was just commenting how this is one of those instances when one might be justified in bemoaning the loss of an option. Shooting somebody with a pistol is actually quite skillful and a perfectly acceptable tactic - unlike shooting them in the back before they have a chance to turn around.
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    harry guess what.. i was playing headquarters today. . and i hid inside the spawn of the other team with my silent gun.. i didnt spawn kill them.. cuz i couldnt becuz of the stupid 5 second invulnerability.... but i let them all get into their lil campy@$$ sniper positions.. behind the barrels, at the quick shot, at the lil edge of the mountain, behind the middle house... and i systematically SHOT THEM IN THE BACK from their own spawn.and everytime they died.. i rehid in their spawn.. and let them set up.. .and then .. shot them in the back again.

    so tell me harry... does it not take skill to sneak into a spawn?.. does it not take skill to trick the other team into thinking they are getting shot from across the map... when really i was behind them shooting them from the back?

    nothing stops anyone from shooting anyone in the back.. it takes skill to get BEHIND an entire team.

    i think it takes more skill to fight your way ACROSS the map to shoot people in the back. rather than just spawning and shooting in ONE direction for an entire match.

    maybe if they werent soooooo adament about running and sniping from the SAME spots and actually pushed forward out of their spawn.. they wouldnt have gotten shot in the back. maybe if they were smart they would have ran around their spawn and looked for where they were getting killed from... nope.

    good players dont get spawn killed.. it's the guys that just snipe one spot and only know how to play one position are the ones that get spawn killed.. they are the ones that don't know what to do when they get pushed back.

    no matter what.. if a guy gets behind you.. you're gonna die. it takes skill to get there. and skill to stay there.

    again harry.. who is to say what is "acceptable"

    should i have only got one kill in their spawn and then let them kill me so it could be "acceptable"?.. should i never pass the middle of the map?

    should i only shoot people when they are facing me?

    i mean who are you to say what is acceptable?

    are you gonna say spawn killing is a glitch?.. becuz you choose not to do it?

    next time you get spawn killed.. leave the game .. and pick LAST MAN STANDING!

    or... better yet.. make your own room.

    if you dont like pistols only.dont have a poll about getting rid of pistols only..


    i mean. it's just common sense.

    people cry about the settings of matches.. and act like they can't host.

    quit ruining the game for others.

    if i want to play a match with AK's only... dont cry on the boards asking for it to be taken away.

    if i want to spawn kill.... let me spawn kill.

    i dont think it is acceptable that people cry about setting when they ahve the option to leave or create their own settings.

    but.. obviously stuff being acceptable isn't the issue here... it's just people crying as always trying to ruin the game with forced settings.
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    Valid points for the most part.
    One small note to mention though; When you shoot someone in the head from behind,above,beside or in front, there is no directional indicator for the impact of the bullet because you're dead when mercin people in their own spawn or behind their lines you always go for the head shot
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    I personally can't stand the headquarters map..well it's not bad but don't like it when guys play it over and over and over. And I don't like pistols only, but I would never want Ubisoft to prevent people from playing the way they want. Everytime I see pistols only or people who stay on HQ, I just leave which seems like 90% of the matches I find unfortunately.
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    i think headquarters would be played differently if they opened up the walls around it... so the bottlneck gets opened up to flanks.

    but...ubi's stance:" oh god forbid that the enemy be able to run around the back to your spawn.. close the walls...BOTTLE NECK BOTTLENECK BOTTLE NECK!!!!"
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    I say get rid of Headquarters and make it the entire coop map. That would be nice. I can't stand the fact that Redstorm too most of the coop maps and cut them in half to make small maps. Its ******ed. Ghost Recon used to be about big maps. now we have these little maps that are just ******ed. cutting coop maps in half is just a lazy attempt to brag that the game has a bunch of maps.
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