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    Managed to get over my woes and I'm now enjoying Vikings in English. Many thanks to Mjorky and all else involved who enabled this for all!
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    Although quite old, maybe someone is still around?
    Does anyone know how I could get a fully German Gold version to English?
    Only the tooltips and texts/notifications would be enough...

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    My bad. I just noticed that my main game disk also has the English version...

    Thank you for this language mod!
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    Originally Posted by r6siegemaster Go to original post

    My bad. I just noticed that my main game disk also has the English version...

    Thank you for this language mod!
    yea it's when you install the Wikinger addon you need this mod, the main game does have English
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    Many thanks!

    Many thanks to mjorky. Truly, you are a saint among mortals on the internet. I can't believe you're still replying and providing help after all these years.

    I've loved Settlers II since it first came out in 1996, and the anniversary edition since it released. I never realized it had an expansion until last month, so I just picked up a copy of the Vikings expansion and used your instructions and translated files. Thank you!

    And for others who are troubleshooting on Windows 10:

    I encountered an issue on Windows 10 where game menus and notifications were still in German, after using the s2v-helper.exe and the vikings-english-installer1.2.exe provided by mjorky. Following the manual process did not resolve the issue.

    However, I completely uninstalled the game and reinstalled the base game, then used the s2v-helper.exe to install the Vikings expansion and the vikings-english-installer1.2.exe to install the translated files. This clean install worked perfectly, and the game seems to be completely in English now.
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    CommanderG2, thank you for reporting back! It's nice to see people are still using my mod, and it does still work for them

    have fun playing!
    regards Mjorky
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    I've been doing a search looking for where to buy the correct version of the vikings expansion. I'm a little wary of my options through amazon.de for USA shipping
    Can someone explain what the difference between the 3 versions offered?
    Budget, Exclusive, Standard
    I'd like to get this working with a legit copy if at all possible (ubi has earned my money on this franchise)
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    I think there is no difference in the software, they seem to be the same ... I'd just pick the cheapest one that ships to your location. You might also look for the gold edition, that has the main game and the extension in the same pack
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    Just giving an update.

    I did buy whichever version was cheapest.... and it did indeed work. The instructions and the installer you provided worked great.

    On a related note, is there a quick way to revert the narration files back to native German? I'll keep the translated english captions, but I'd prefer to have the original german narrator than google translate reading the lines.
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    Hi, glad it worked it's a nice expansion to the game and a pitty that you had to go trough so many hoops to get it.

    On your question about getting the German narrations back I'm afraid I have to answer there is not a really easy way, but I do think you could reinstall the Vikings over the current installation and then follow the manual procedures to select any part you you want from the translations by using the separate downloads provided, like I outlined in the post on the first page. In your case that would probably be to just install the 'English messages v1.3' fix. It's not that hard to do, but if you need any help I will be happy to assist.

    Please let me know if you made it work, and if you did I wish you happy gaming.
    Regards, Mjorky
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