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    I know I know, it's probably been asked before, is completley obvious, or I'm just oblivious but I've never been able to find caves. I heard they're in the forest brush but I dont know what that is, is it the one with the trees and bushes because on mine it's just called trees. Is it just in a certain template? Thank you in advance for you assistance
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    I think there in all the brush sets under large brushes, at the bottom. I know where there are i just dont know how to use them, whenever i put tunnels underground they get filled up with dirt instead of being hollowed out "Tunnels". And ive tried to dig trenches for them so the match the level of terrain but the problem with that is i dont know how to cover the tops of them so they look really out of place and stupid. I dont know how to use them properly in the map editor and any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    as far as one is aware you cant put tunnles under ground they dojust fill up which i dident like oh well *sighs* maybe next time and tunnles come under the forest terrain setting in the large brushes
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    Look in Forest Brush set. they have it.
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    I've seen a map with tunnels underneath the ground, so how did he do it, and i'm sure they where under the ground, cause it was a small map.
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    Maybe he used tonnels as the floor where the tunnels needed to be, because the tunnels will only be blocked if they go under the ground, so he likely cut the part of the ground and stuck tunnels there and making it look rocky, maybe putting ferns over it.

    Or, using a glitch where you go under the map.
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