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    [PC][EU] NOVICUS - PvE Focused Clan for tactical and measured gameplay


    I set up NOVICUS with the ambition on The Division 2, to concentrate on PvE Gameplay, urban exploration, co-operative and supportive gameplay.

    UK/EU, English speaking clan
    run by mature gamers (I, myself, will be 49 in Apr-19) for those of a mature outlook. We want to run PvE combats more tactically and at a slower pace. We want to be far more cooperative and run through what the game has for us together.

    With a combined more than 50 years of gaming experience between myself and the co-founder, we can offer a friendly and supportive environment for players wanting to more fully absorb the beautifully crafted environments and game mechanics Massive have built for us.

    Our Discord servers are live now and If you're interested post below or send me a message. We're just starting now so get in at the start and help us evolve and grow.
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    NOVICUS is still looking for PvE players to help out, gain XP together, save DC together and explore this lovingly crafted environment together.

    If you don't want to speedrun this beautiful game and want to enjoy the co-op experience with likeminded and tactically minded people let us know!
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    Novicus is still recruiting!

    NOVICUS are still recruiting.

    We have started planning weekly events to focus on some key PvE task that often Solo players struggle with.

    Starting from next week on 10th April, Novicus will be hosting Bounty and Key collection runs.

    Wednesday, 10th April will be the first push with an organised Bounty run. Join up in the dedicated channels on Discord and run through those bounties together!

    Thursday, 11th April we will expand on our Key collection runs to include story mission re-runs to get to faction loot crates as well as running through missions at various difficulties.

    We hope to make these days regular event days for mid-week gaming.

    If you're interested in joining us, hop over to our Discord server and say Hi, apply in-game or drop me a line here.
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    NOVICUS are still looking for mature (30+) EU based players interested in pushing the PvE environment.

    The core of our clan have reached GS500 and are ready to gather those Exotics. If you want to join us just drop a line here or PM me on the forums.
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    This clan seems tailor made

    Hi all,

    I am liking this approach very much, I run comms and can follow instructions so no problem there. I also RP a lot and my Division 2 character has his own bio and story ready to go.

    The only obstacle I could see is that I am based in Canada so the timezone might be a problem, but I play at odd hours so might be willing to try.

    I have been a dungeon master and a RPer in several games for 20 years now, just hit the big 4-0 in real life
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    I'll message you our Discord link for you to pop in. We do have members in the NA area, I don't get a chance to tend to them that much unfortunately but we're recruiting an NA officer to cover your side of the pond lol (discussed last night)

    You can apply in-game as well as the clan is open.

    I like to RP myself and I'm currently working on a Cosplay, almost there!
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    There are no minimum requirements to joining NOVICUS except the wish to explore, take in the environment and take more of your time on the game. Whilst a few of us have pushed to reach the top, this is in prepartation for Raids only and hoping to get back to lower level characters soon.
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    saw this topic and was wondering if you guys stil recruiting 46y old agent here ;p
    i like the urban exploring idea and the co-op runs , atm GS497
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    Originally Posted by yethrox Go to original post
    saw this topic and was wondering if you guys stil recruiting 46y old agent here ;p
    i like the urban exploring idea and the co-op runs , atm GS497
    Of course you're welcome! The clan is still currently open in-game for applications. Clan notice board has link to our Discord server but I will PM you a link also. I just completed Lincoln memorial so I can complete dailies.

    We're still hunting for faction keys and exotic material drops...seems to be our focus currently. I sure would be nice to craft an Exotic! lol
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    Clan is progressing well and a nice steady growth means we have a core of PvE focused players now and steadily gaining CXP so everyone benefits.

    Novicus is still open for in-game applications. We encourage members to join our Discord and group up where possible as we're running several focused sessions -

    - Tier boosting (so you can get to GS500 and explore better without getting gunned down by Ai so much!

    - Faction key / sewer runs

    - Exotic materials drop runs

    - Higher difficulty mission runs to help with Projects (and those exotic materials!)

    Coming soon!

    - Discovery Tours featuring the Hydden Hotels.
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