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    Trials Rising Post-Launch Development Update - March 11, 2019

    Greetings Riders,

    Thank you to all the players who have shared their experiences with Trials Rising. We’ve seen a lot of amazing creations, memorable moments and personal victories and we’re very happy that so many players are enjoying their time with the game. We’d also like to thank you all for letting us know when you’ve encountered issues. These reports are very helpful and the team has been hard at work investigating the bug reports we have received and working on fixes.

    Our first post-launch patch should be available on all platforms within the next 2 weeks. One frequently discussed issue that will be fixed in this patch is the Stadium Finals bug that prevents players from improving scores by matching them against top scores from the leaderboards. Full patch notes for this first patch will release on these forums later this week.

    This first patch will not address everything so we’d like to also share some insights about a few of the top issues we are working on for later patches.

    Progression – Players have let us know that they’d like to progress more quickly through the game and we are looking at ways we can address this. Our focus has been on providing more opportunities for players to earn fame as well as ways that skilled players could unlock tracks faster.

    Inventory – We’ve heard from some players that their inventory is duplicating items and some have already maxed out the space available in the inventory. The team is hard at work to get to the bottom of this issue.

    Leaderboards – There’s been a few issues reported about leaderboards and fixing these are also a high priority for the team. Removing cheaters and investigating glitched scores is an ongoing process that is already underway. We’re also investigating some rare cases where scores fail to save to the leaderboards.

    Gear Crates – We are aware that some players have stopped receiving Gear Crates for Level Ups and the team is investigating this issue. We will also soon begin rotating the contents of Gear Crates to provide more variety to the rewards players receive from them.

    Track Editor Saves & Track Central – We’ve heard reports of track editor save files going missing and the team is working to identify why. We’re also looking at the feedback we’ve received regarding Track Central and are prioritizing fixes and improvements for our track sharing platform.

    As always for the Trials team, the feedback and bug reports we get from the community play a big role in how we prioritize bug fixes and feature improvements for future updates. Thank you once again for all the feedback you have shared with us so far. Stay tuned to these forums and our social media for the latest news about Trials Rising.
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    Are you going to fix the Phenom bug or? Otherwise I'm not looking to purchase future Redlynx titles... Even though I've really love the stuff you guys make.

    Btw DMC5 works, Anthem works and most if not all other recent games work. Dont tell me this cpu cant run Trials lol. Please fix the issue.
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    Will Season 1 of the multiplayer also start with the first patch or at a later date?
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    Appreciate the post Shogun. Was starting to worry that there wouldn't be a patch until sometime next month, although this post seems to imply that the only thing that is being fixed in the upcoming patch is the stadium tracks, which i'll be honest is a little worrying for us track builders and more specifically, ninja track builders.
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    I certainly hope PS4/Pro performance will be addressed, considering the game hitches/stutters every 30 seconds because it's pinging the servers. (game runs way smoother playing offline)

    Hard to see good reason to be constantly pinging the servers while racing the track.
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    Hi Shogun, there is a critical bug on PC regarding the game failing to detect the appropriate graphic cards, leading to people above recommanded specs to be stuck running the game borderless @30fps only. This needs fixing asap, it's already baffling something so easy yet essential wasn't patched out almost immediately. Link to the thread : https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...m-and-SOLUTION
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    A faster way to progress through Carreer Mode is definitely good news, but I feel like it's missing the bigger picture.

    This game needs to have a "classic" Trials Mode, consisting of a list of all the tracks unlocked yet, all displayed on one screen and ranked by difficulty. The player choose which one he wants to run today, see his best time, position on leaderboard and can access friends times and ghosts. That's it.

    You want to earn XP for your character, play contracts/challenges or unlock some new outfits? You go to Carreer Mode
    You want to play an old track just to beat your time for the online leaderboards? You go to Classic TimeTrials Mode
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    It's great to finally have some kind of response from the devs, but this update is severely lacking in some of the most important areas. Console performance issues, items from the Ubisoft Club not being available in game, customization being wiped out, constant crashes on PS4, etc. These are the worst issues that are actually not just about the design of the progression, as these actually affect your ability to play the game at all. Sony won't issue refunds (They literally told me to request a patch from the developer), so since we only have the devs to rely on to take care of our $40 investment in this series that we've loved from the start, it would be good to have better and more timely responses from the devs on all of the issues that players are having, and not just the ones that don't make the game sound like the full blown mess that it really is. At this point we probably should have just been delivered the patch, and be getting details on the next patch after that. Response time here has been disappointing at best.
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    That's a good amount of bug fixes for that short time. Add the start of season 1 and I'll be a very happy camper.
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    Looking forward to the updates, especially improvements to track central and saving.
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