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    Exclusively being put against players who are absurdly better than me

    Firstly, I apologize if this is the wrong sub-forum or if I break any rules. This is my first thread here.

    Now, I wanna ask what the hell is the deal with what I mentioned in the title. This applies both to casual and my first ever 3 (or 4?) matches of ranked.
    This is way too consistent to be bad luck or just coincidence. I am consistently put up against players who are preposterously better than me,
    in such a way I've never seen in casual. Casuals absolutely are NOT this good. If an enemy sees me, I die. Simple as that. No matter what I do.
    No matter what operator I play, no matter what map, objective, team, I am 100% guaranteed to be annihilated every single round. I'm talking about this current weekend since
    the release of Burnt Horizon, this never used to happen before. I'm far from a good player, but I definitely should not be demolished this hard on such a consistent basis.
    I get maybe 3 kills a match if I'm lucky. Also, in casual, I am exclusively put into matches in progress. Am I being punished for something I don't know I did? Can I fix this? Is it permanent? Am I just doomed to never enjoy this product I paid money for and invested many hours in?

    P.S spare me comments like "git gud" etc. You're not funny nor original.
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    Thats how I was when I first started playing but its ok because siege relys on two main things being aim and game sense. The aim first of is way different than any other game and the only way to get better game sense is to play the game more. I would say for now just play a lot of Terrorist hunts and casual to improve your aim, get game sense, and improve map knowledge. Hope this helps.
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    It's like Chess, Knight, Rook, Bishop, Queen, King & Pawns. You have to predict the enemy moves. Sometimes, pull the trigger ahead without a target & all of sudden you hit the target! Assassin go solo, especially top floor then they work it way down. Shields are like tank, hunters are like suppressors on that goes for silent kills without giving away their positions. I know you don't want to cram up together too close or the grenade will kill your team with one hit! I go for 2-1-2, 2 players, 1 solo, another 2 players...as for Defense, you don't want the whole team in the room...or FUSE special ability can clear the room in no time. The more you play, the better you got to be. The kill cam is a plus to learn from your mistakes. Wait for 2 seconds, or attacks now...now about quick decision making!
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    Playing lvl 200+ while im a noob and is lvl25

    I am tired of playing against people who are totally out of my league. I just want to have fair fight against people at my skill lvl. Im an UNRANKED lvl 25(I just want to lvl up to 30 so i can play ranked) Playing against lvl 200+ diamonds and plats. I go every game 0 kills and 3 deaths and it is extremely difficult to play against people who I cant even see then im dead. I'm a complete noob and i find this very frustrating. I played 6 games this morning lost all of them and accumulated a total of 2 kills and 20 deaths. I cant lvl up because im losing every game.
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    This reminds me of when I first got started, RainbowSixSiege has a large learning curve, and it takes hundreds of hours to get anywhere! Expect to die, as you will a lot, and try to watch kill cams, to see how you died. If you come from a COD background, a run and gun style might be what you are currently doing, however keep in mind sound is a big part in this game, so sprinting will tell half the enemy team where you are, and if they hear you, they will pounce on you! As a defending roamer, your job is to sneak up behind the enemies and shoot them in the back then run, facing them head-on doesn't end up well most of the time. As an attacker you want to be using your drone so the defending roamers can't sneak up behind you. Since you are solo queuing, the game will tend to place you in mid game in place of players who quit after they die. Another big part of this game is Intel, your teammates callouts, defenders cameras, and attackers drones are the only sure why to win the game. Since you are playing by yourself, there is nobody to cover you, give you callouts, or drone out for you, I would definitely try and find a squad! Hope this helps, best regards, -Torrent
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    you guys realize that A "causal" match is for casual matchmaking. there's a reason why they don't put you up against people your skill level. if they did that would be lot longer queue times. plus one of the best ways to learn is go up against someone who is better than ya then learn from the mistakes you are making. If that's peeking to much, not droning enough, bad aim. best way to get aim up is get in a terrorist hunt and just learn to get that aim down and that self of awareness up.
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    Use the best guns at first to get your confidence up and make the gun fight to your advantage (flank and move away when your position is known to the enemy) . Also make sure you use the good attachments for you. For example, I use IQ with suppressors and reflex on the commando to stay sneaky while destroying electronics.
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