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    Feedback on the Private Beta for the Playstation 4 and more

    I would like to start with the "more" by issuing an apology for the tone of my previous comment, where I voiced my disappointment about an abrupt monetisation move. In particular to Johan, towards whom this was not personally directed. It is not meant in an entitled way, it is not an attempt to gain sympathy and I am usually not someone to amass things like this, but having purchased the game twice, first the standard edition and later the golden edition, the survival handbook, the soundtrack, the white shirt with the orange stripes which I am more likely to preserve rather than to use, the figurine and recently also having ordered the artwork book, I stand by my claim that this is not how players should be treated. In a broader sense it also included disappointment that the multitude of stories the location in the first instalment held and still holds were not taken further than additional phone recordings and that there is no connection, no interactive connection between the two instalments. The atmosphere, which includes the weather, and the story of the first instalment form something exceptional and I have to say that it moves me on an emotional level. If you can relate to what I mean, you will understand why I am and why I will keep making an effort for this first instalment not to be abandoned. As Michael Stipe mentions, "Leaving New York never easy".

    Having said that, here is my feedback:

    A. Observations/Requests

    1. I appreciate that there now seems to be more freedom in regards to jumping down from heights as well as that there is a certain stress to the character when climbing up an object, but there seemed to be less weight to the character overall. This lead to movements such as walking, entering cover, running, melee, and jumping down as mentioned becoming less believable to me.
    2. There do not seem to be character animations anymore for opening material containers. Initially I thought that there were no such animations at all but there are for gear and weapon containers. This may speed up the process of gathering materials but to me it again leads to a less believable experience and reduces the urgency of a story where there normally are no shortcuts. The process of kneeling down in order to open a container contributes to a more believable experience; therefore I argue that this really should be reinstated. It could simply be offered as an option.
    3. There do not seem to be elevator door animations. I understand that this can be an issue when playing in a group but it does not contribute to a believable experience, rather one which favours rushing through everything.
    4. The drone which repairs ammunition repairs the ammunition of the player as well, which can make it a valuable tool. This needs to be mentioned in the description, as currently it only mentions that the ammunition of allies will get repaired.
    5. Aside from likely violating international conventions, without an additional explanation, the "Explosive" and "Airburst" seeker mines seem rather similar, perhaps too similar.
    6. Although the voice acting once again seems great, audio recordings and voice communications seemed a bit too polished. I do not remember whether there were any present but in case not, adding status signals to voice communications over the radio would again contribute to a more believable experience.
    7. There was no way to replay found audio recordings, except if they are located in the "Social" section which was locked. Also there seemed to be a slight possibility to prematurely end an audio recording while opening a container.
    8. There does not seem to be a way to set a quick emote, which in my view is needed. The square emote selection, which now requires pressing a button for confirmation, initially seemed less straightforward than the previous implementation but one probably can adapt to it.
    9. There were no group management options, except if there now only is one option to enable or disable assistance requests? In connection to this, the "Agent Needing Assistance" calls were confusing at first, as there is no introduction on exactly what it is and where it is located in the menu. I first thought that these were calls from artificial agents but realising that these were other players I think that in principle this is a lively implementation contributing to a believable experience.
    10. The notification about what was picked up, for example a "Polycarbonate" material, seems a bit too small. It is nice that user interface elements can now be resized, yet this one was not listed.
    11. Downed civilians do not move, ideally they would move towards a player who might be in cover and temporarily unable to approach them.
    12. There are persons being revived at the "White House", yet persons nearby appear indifferent to such dramatic scenes and I doubt that this is because they have witnessed many such scenes lately.
    13. There seem to be slender persons only, which is probably good for their health and may be a reflection of food limitations but I doubt that it reflects reality.
    14. There is no explanation on what the interesting "Trinkets" do and how they differ from "Scrap" which can be donated in order to gain certain benefits.
    15. The addition of model renditions of buildings on the map seems like a good idea, although I contemplate whether it is more fitting for them to be represented as polished as they were or a bit more rough.
    16. I noticed a certain artificial finish to some objects, where a material seems more like made of plastic than metal, specifically with the blue or blue grey station wagon and also with the fire emergency ambulance.
    17. Initially it seemed as if there was less detail to the character, which would have been ironic as hair is now able to move. It seems as if this was a temporary impression adapting to the updated graphics.
    18. Foliage moves, which is important. Grasses however move in a rather static way which makes it seem flat and less believable.
    19. I unfortunately did not get a chance to enter one, not least because I was hesitant to head into this sequel, but based on the map, the three "Dark Zones" seemed rather small, even if they will be densely populated by objects.

    B. Bugs

    1. Having spent a while at the lower left corner of the beta map area close to the crossing of "Construction Avenue Northwest" and "16th Street Northwest", there were multiple messages broadcast through the speakers and they sometimes overlapped.
    2. I cannot press up when the "Muzzle" slot is selected in order to reach the "Magazine" slot. I have to press down which is not intuitive. I acknowledge that I did not reverse neither axis, but it should not be necessary to do so in order to browse this portion of the menu properly.
    3. Being in the "Resources" tab, but other tabs too I later noticed, with the character standing, he or she is constantly moving halfway sideways and back.
    4. A stair blocked by an invisible wall at "1930 North", "3123 East" in a garage close to the "Peter Problems" audio recording. Might this have been intentional in order to prevent spoilers?
    5. An audio recording located on the first floor of an abandoned bank could not be accessed as on one wall the door was not interactive and on the other the wall consisted of a wooden shelf kind of design and thus partially open but not accessible. Might this have been intentional as well in order to prevent spoilers?
    6. In my hard difficulty replay of the first mission that I played, where the daughter of a civilian needs to be rescued, in the section where attackers are located on balconies, perhaps with a certain similarity to the balcony in the "Muppet Show", a female "Hyena" was trapped in a room with a metal fenced door, letting out her frustration by screaming things all of the time. It was strangely humorous. There were also sound issues, with effects and voices missing. All of this might be part of the acknowledged issue where game performance decreases after a couple of hours worth of playtime.
    7. There was an issue with sound on another occasion as well. While in the menu at the "Quartermaster", the voices of artificial characters nearby became muffled, like spoken through a cookie tin. Though perhaps they simply were really hungry.

    Finally, if you need more time to work on the game, I would argue that you should take the time. An undertaking of this size is ready when it is ready and not when an inflexible timeframe expects it to be. Announce it sooner rather than later though. Also, think about the possibility to introduce winter weather to the game, perhaps during a seasonal period or at the very least as an optional choice.
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    I forgot to mention, which is one reason why I mention the aspect of a believable experience a couple of times, namely how improved and matured the shooting sounds seem. Impressive, really!
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