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    Pre-load question

    Today I saw that Far Cry New Dawn was available for pre-load. I selected this option and downloaded around 19GB data and the button now says "Pre-loaded". I was surprised because I had read online that the game would be closer to 30GB.

    On the same screen, there is a listing of "Owned DLC". I had already selected to receive the" HD Texture Pack" and the" Preorder Trike" for free based upon finishing Far Cry 5. To the right of these 2 items there is a button that says "Install". Not knowing what to do, I clicked on the button and a new install began. The estimate for this download was another 15GB to 20GB. Not understanding why the screen would say Pre-loaded and then start another large download for these 2 in game items, I stopped the second download.

    So, in short, should I let the second download run or wait until the game goes live this Friday?
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    Hey OldenOne!

    I'd say download
    Means you'd pottentially have less to download on launch day and can play the game quicker :P
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    Took your advice, and did the second download. Total is now around 30GB, which I believe it should be based upon what I have read.

    I was just cautious because this is the first Ubisoft game that required first a pre-load and then another button for additional install. Past games were all just one step.

    Thanks for you help!
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    the initial 17gb preload looks like the game with standard textures, the extra download is for the HQ tex. I guess it meant to help ppl with low bandwidth so they don't have to download the whole 30gb if they didn't want to (I just found the extra download button (glad i found before launch))
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