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    Lets talk PVP in DZ

    My feedback will be like its more casual friendly and their is no skill gap in non occupied dark zones, similar to Destiny 2 PVP. I mean there is no point in going in with good builds in these two DZ's for PVP except for farming loot.

    I have little hope for occupied DZ will see enough audience as everyone will farm remaining DZ's and then use their best builds in occupied DZ which will eventually become boring soon.My only wish is that occupied DZ should feature skill gap and good builds with player skills feel rewarding in PVP encounters else it will be boring and no point of having good builds except for PVE.

    How was your experience in Beta for general PVP?
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    tbh completely terrible. The PvP was horribly unbalanced.Something just seems off when you put a mag of bullets into someones face (yes, even with normalized damage) and they just walk up to you casually with a double-barrel shotgun and dumpster you with one shot, using the second to kill you.
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    Super disappointed with the PVP in DZ. We are a group were all of us have 1000+ hours in the first Division (99% of the time was spent in DZ). I don´t think any of us will buy this game, unless they do some seriuse changes. Our top issues (with DZ),

    * Normalization makes pretty mutch the whole game meaningless, there´s no reason to farm/tweak for the best gear. Sure you can play that one DZ that doens´t have normalization, but that DZ doesn´t have the rogue mechanics either, which makes it super boring.

    * Rouges don´t show up on the map (unless they are manhunt)

    * You have to aim and zoom in on a player to see if he´s rogue. We went rogue a couple of times and there´s just no action, you kill some players, but then nothing happens since they can´t find you. Same goes if you get jumped, there´s no way to get revenge, since there´s not way you will find them again…

    * The skills are to unbalanced and that´s before even trying the new "ulties" which will probably kill any chance of having any kind of balanced pvp

    * The mobs are to strong/annoying when you are in pvp, I think everyone remember Mid Town a few patches ago

    * The way you move just feels wrong…Like a clumsy obese drunken man. I´m glad they fixed (I hope) the strafing glitch, but other than that everything just felt better/smoother in the first Division.

    And then there´s the laggy servers (just like Division 1) and a whole lot more.
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