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    Dev Diary #3: In-Game Economy

    In our last Dev Diary, we talked all about the many ways players will be able to share their custom creations in Trials Rising. This week we are going to talk all about Trials Rising’s in-game economy. There are a mix of new and returning resources and rewards, so we will take a look at each one individually and how they fit into the world of Trials Rising.


    In more traditional terms, you can think of Fame as the XP of Trials Rising. It will be the main way you progress to unlock new events, tracks, and contracts. Players will earn Fame for many activities throughout the career and multiplayer modes in Trials Rising. In Career Mode, fame is earned for completing tracks, earning medals, completing contracts, and defeating challengers. Fame is also earned for every ranked multiplayer match completed.

    When enough Fame is earned to level up, players are awarded a Gear Crate containing customization items that they can use to take their customizations even further. There is no limit on how many times you can level up, so you can keep earning Fame and leveling up indefinitely.

    Trials Coins

    Trials Coins will be the primary currency players will earn and use as they play through Trials Rising. In previous Trials games, coins have only been used to purchase gear for the bike and rider and as a result, many players ended up with an abundance of currency and nothing to spend it on. For Trials Rising, we tried to come up with a wider variety of ways to utilize Trials Coins so they remain valuable much longer than they have in the past.

    In the Gear Store, Trials Coins will be used to purchase items for your bike or Rider as well as customizations created by other players. In the case of customizations, the price will be based on the combined value of the stickers used to create it and a portion of that sale will go to the creator. This gives not only a new way to spend coins, but also a new way to earn them.

    Each time you purchase a customization in the gear store that customization will come with the item it was created on. If that item is not already in your inventory, the price on the Gear Store will include its cost. Once an item is in your inventory the cost for additional customizations will only include the price of the customization in Trials Coins.

    In the sticker shop Trials Coins will be used to get more stickers to use on the bike and Rider. Some animations and poses for the Rider can be purchased with Trials Coins. Certain special bikes like the Helium BMX bike will require Coins to unlock. Trials Coins can also be used to purchase additional Gear Crates or to re-roll a crate after it’s been opened.

    In addition to giving a variety of ways to spend Coins, we’ve also created a variety of ways to earn them. In career mode Trials Coins are earned for many of the same tasks that reward Fame, including completing tracks, earning medals, completing contracts, and defeating challengers. Also, as previously mentioned, creators can earn some coins when other players download their shared customizations from the Gear Store as well as when their custom tracks get upvoted on Track Central.


    Returning in Trials Rising are Acorns, a premium currency that can be used to purchase premium cosmetic items as well as some post-launch content. In the Gear Store Acorns can be used to buy legendary gear, legendary animations and poses, as well as special and seasonal bundles of customization items. Additional content available for Acorns is in the works for post launch. Stay tuned to see what else we have in store.

    There are many opportunities throughout Trials Rising to earn Acorns in-game. Finding hidden collectables in Trials Rising tracks and completing specific contracts will reward Acorns and additional ways to earn them are being considered for introduction after launch. Acorns are also available for purchase from the store of each platform Trials Rising is available on.

    Gear Crates

    Gear Crates are a new progression reward introduced in Trials Rising. These Crates include customization items, stickers or poses/animations. Nothing in them affects gameplay, it’s all cosmetic. Gear Crates in Trials Rising are only used as a reward for progression. It is possible to purchase additional crates with the Trials Coins you earn via gameplay but they are not sold for Acorns. Using crates as a progression reward provides us with a lot of flexibility to add to and change the rewards players get throughout the game. Since the rewards for leveling up will not be the same for everyone, Gear Crates also bring greater diversity to the looks of the opponents players will face across all of Trials Rising’s game modes.

    The items available in Gear Crates will change regularly to keep the rewards fresh but everything that can be gained via Crates is also available for individual purchase through the Gear Store. If there’s a certain helmet a rider can’t live without, they can head over to the Gear Store and add it to their inventory. What Trials Rising’s Gear Crates will provide is an opportunity to boost up a rider’s inventory of bike & rider gear without spending their in-game earnings. There is even a chance to receive Legendary items that would otherwise only be available for Acorns.

    Thank you so much for coming along our journey in our Trials Rising Dev Diaries. We will have another one coming soon, so keep your eyes open. To keep up to date on all things Trials Rising be sure to connect with us on your social media platform of choice Twitch, YouTube, forums, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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    Forza Motorsport system, very good (to buy things on the game and extend the experience)

    there are 2 dates: the 18th and the 25th of February ....
    please, put the editor on February 18th, number 4 of the developers, not the 25th (do not talk about the publisher 1 day before the release of the game .... I little more !!!! )
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    question: in the objects of the publisher are the stickers counted?
    1 objects = 1 sticker?
    4 or 5000 objects + 4 or 3000 stickers = 8000 objects ?

    the cosmetics are good, the given points will be essential to acquire everything ..... but attention .... read the subject 2, page 3
    attila999 / AMORPHOUS

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    Really glad to hear that all items in Lootboxes can still be acquired normally.

    Good job team!
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    Nice! Looking forward to buying stickers and gear!
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    But wait if you earn fame on multiplayer then that means players can unlock new tracks, events and bikes early, hmm... how will this work?
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    Shame to hear that selling customized items will tell you what price you have to sell for as opposed to simply setting the combined value of items as a lower limit and then allowing the player to choose their own price. The whole "Gear Central" area becomes a lot less interesting when you take away the ability to make cool unique and expensive items for people to buy. Hard to call it a real "economy" when the price is being dictated.
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    on Forza Motorsport, the price of the creations is free, ... which brings back despite all the money to the creators ..... and the good paintings on Forza have a rating of 5 stars, thanks to the number of downloads / use .
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    It would be great if we could get Trials Coins and Fame from playing
    tracks* on Track Central, since that is where players spend most of
    their time for years after launch.

    It would be inconvenient feel like work to have to go play career tracks
    to grind for Trials Coins (especially after having played them
    10,000s+ times over the years) to try to save up for a certain item.

    If a player spends most of their time on Track Central as I do (and I'm sure
    many others do as well), they could go broke from spending Trials Coins
    on items and not receiving any new ones because they don't play much
    career or multiplayer.

    Not getting Trials Coins from my primary mode of play would make me
    be very selective about what I spend my Trials Coins on and would
    make me hesitant to spend, knowing that I have to grind career tracks
    to replace the Trials Coins afterwards.

    *(Tracks meaning everything on Track Central, Skill Games included)
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    i hope the coin rewards for custom gear / tracks are not too high. because it seems very easy to abuse the system. ok you can't reupload gear, but you can easily hide 199 layers behind a single sticker and sell the item for the max price (if someone would buy it or not is not the point) and for track central: i have a bad feeling that the coin rewards will have an impact on the ratings. in fusion i received messages from some random kids asked me to give their track a thumbs up, just to push it for no reason. now you actually give them a reason. i can already imagine some upcoming track descriptions... "pls like, i need coins lul"

    @giantmoosefan: i agree 100%
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