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    [PC] Are You An Older Gamer? 30 & Above? | Come Check Us Out (Discord)

    Team Firefly is a Mature Gaming Community!

    -No Toxicity or Elitism
    -Helpful Players
    -Lots Of Old Folk
    -Well Managed

    We are seeking

    -Players 30 and Up
    -Family Guys/Gals
    -Working Professionals
    -Adult Gaming Hobbyists
    -Endgame Players

    We DO NOT cater to

    -The Younger Crowd
    -Solo or non-social players
    -Shortcut takers and cheese tactics
    -Players only looking for clan incentives

    We play...

    And More!

    If your looking to play alongside a great group of Division fans, come meet us in Discord:
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    Do you guys use any in-game chat or only Discord? I previously had used discord but it made my computer crash with TD1. I guess I did build a new on though so maybe it is no longer an issue, I haven't tried it.
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    I have discord my timezone issue have thrown me out from rogues earlier. I play in weekends mostly IST timezone.

    Id Niladri.De.


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    Just Discord sir
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