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    [Maintenance] ALL Platforms - February 5th 2019

    Hey everyone,

    We'll be performing a maintenance today in order to resolve the recent issue with the game freezing during matchmaking.

    The maintenance will start at 9:30 AM EST/14:30PM UTC and run for around 30 minutes, ending at 10:00 AM EST/ 15:00 PMUTC.

    Thanks for your patience!


    Your For Honor Team.
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    Tyrjo's Avatar Senior Member
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    Excellent. This problem has been happening quite often for me.
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    me 2 good sir tis was really frustrating.
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    Very nice
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    Thank you guys that issue was very annoying
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    Would this still be causing error 2-00003801 when downloading the live update? I can't seem to get the game working.

    Platform: PS4

    Just downloaded the game yesterday as part of PSPlus and I can't get into it.
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    big sad
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    Contacting Servers... I CANT PLAY

    since the maintenance, I cant play. All I see is "Contacting Servers..." and "error 5-00000084"
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