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    Join our team - Duck and Cover

    Hello I'm the leader at Duck and Cover, are you looking for a good place to take advantage of Team Wars? If you are an active player and you want to get better you may join our clan. We also have a discord group, where we share stuff and discuss the game and sometimes unrelated topics. I was lucky and skillfull enough to snatch a few first places at given timeframes in different challenges (I don't usually refresh) so I could also help in that aspect.

    We donate, finish events, offer advice, etc. We currently have 5 possible spots to free up (it's full atm) if you pm me or if you answer to this thread.

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    Hi, can you give me link, I can't find your community.
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    Hello, I've sent you a pm.
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    Fancy new forum area. You may join our team if you are an active player buddeh.
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    Opened some slots, join our team, active phone destroyers.
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    Hey void, how many spots you got? I got 6 high rankers who want a more active team
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    Sorry I missed the reply I was busy managing team wars . I may have a full team since someone else wanted to transfer, but if they are fewer players than he anticipated I'll contact you to see if your members are looking for a place, and if they already did good luck in your team buddy.
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    We are full but I can free up 4 slots for the next war, pm me or answer here buddies.
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    Hello buddies, we have 5 slots open, I could open more if you pm me or answer in this thread.
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    If you need a place we've got 8 open spots right now. We always complete events, fulfill donations, have a discord, I'm co-leader of Tegridy Donors, we'd be happy to have all of you!
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