Tachanka clearly needs a buff. ubisoft had said that they're going to do it but they're going to change his character too.

A buff for him with out chaining his loved character is to make his turret a sentry turret.
give him and ACOG for the 9x19 vsn

To buff his gadget:
Tachanka's turret would be auto mated in stead of manned.
the turret would keep the dp28 lmg and would track players if it has line of sight.

To balance the turret:
It would have a slow turning speed and would only spot people if they are in front of it.
The turret will fire in 10 round bursts unless it loses line of sight.
The turret won't aim for the head it will only track the body.
The turret will have 47 rounds per mag like the real world dp28 and it will have to be manually reloaded once out of ammo.
The turret can be disabled by twitch and thatcher and can be destroyed by explosives or sledge.
He will only have one turret.

Tell me what you think of this pls