Hey guys, this time I show you a 5 man strat on how to Penthouse and Theatre on the map Coastline with the operators: Mute, Lesion, Maestro, Kaid and Jager in Rainbow Six SIege Wind Bastion.

Mute starts off by placing his first Mute Jammer at the top of lobby stairs, before heading down and shooting a line of site in the wall from lobby to service. This is so Jager, who will be roaming, can try and stop a Buck from shooting up at Pent. His second Jammer goes in the corridor near Aquarium, third on the corner of the corridors between Theatre and V.I.P and fourth in Pent. Mute then plays in Theatre with a c4 and a hole looking down to lobby stairs.

Lesion places a shield in the door between the bomb sites to protect Mute and gets his first Gu Mine in the V.I.P hall, before placing his second on lobby stairs. He reinforces two of the Pent walls to V.I.P and plays at the top of lobby stairs to protect Theatre.

Maestro also plays in the corridor, but on the corner on V.I.P hall with two shields either side of him to get pixels. His first Evil Eye goes in V.I.P to try and stop Thermite and his second on the corner looking towards Hookah and lobby stairs. Maestro reinforces one wall on Pent and one Theatre.

Kaid reinforces two walls in Theatre and places barbed wire in the door from Pent to Hall of Fame and Bathroom before playing prone behind the half brick wall next to Hall of Fame door. He then waits to Kaid trick Pent wall.

Jager reinforces two walls in Theatre and places an ADS under Pent window, another where Kaid plays and his last on the corner corridor where Maestro plays. He also places his shield on the corner to give Maestro further protection. Jager's role is to roam downstairs on the Southside protecting Service and doing a late flank up either staircase.