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    Casual game-mode site indicator.

    This is just a suggestion which would be easy to add.

    When playing casual playing operators like mira can be a gamble, for example on chalet amira can be very useful in basement but almost useless on other sites, I would purpose that on the opp choice screen like in comp there is the site location wrote below so you can decide what opp to bring for the site. Not suggesting that the site should be able to be picked in casual but atleast tell people which site is going to be played.
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    If you do that then you might as well give everyone spawn/obj choices like ranked. If the defenders know then it's basically a tactical gain for them while the attackers are left without anything to compensate. At least that's the only argument I could see against it.
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    This is now a long wanted feature. I think casual should be exactly same as ranked just except the rank. And pick and ban system should also be implemented in ranked and in casual as well.
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