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    Operators should have the same movement noise level.

    How is being fastest speed operator not enough, they have to be quite too?

    Does nobody remember the MW2 days where everybody used the silent running skill because it was totally OP?

    Pretty much the exact same thing here.
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    So a guy carrying lets say.. a lightweight MP7 SMG and P12 handgun with a light ballistic vest should make the same amount of noise as some guy carrying a deployable DP-28 on his back, heavy ballistic armor, and a metallic helmet on his head?
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    His helmet isn't real. It's made out of paper machet. Lol jk. I do however think Cav's footsteps in normal mode should make a ton of sound. After using her silent step her legs get extremely tired and she has trouble moving them the same for a few moments.
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    Doesnt matter when the sound on this game does not work 99% of the time.
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