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    New Defense Operator concept

    2 speed 2 armor

    Primary weapons:
    -Croatian VHS2 assault rifle: 39-22 damage, 850 RPM, high recoil, standard attachments without acog, shortest AR range in the game, capacity 30+1
    -MSMC SMG: 26-18 damage, 980 RPM, average recoil, no vertical grip or acog, short range, capacity 30+1, above average moving hip fire accuracy

    Secondary weapons:
    -Springfield XDM pistol, 40-18 damage, average recoil, low range, capacity 20+1

    Note: all weapons should have good iron sights

    Gadgets: bulletproof camera, barbed wire

    Ability: Poseidon jammer pack
    Disables all electronics within a 20 meter radius, centered on the Operator.
    4 charges, can be tapped for a 1 second blast, or held down to consume 2 charges and extend the duration to 2.5 seconds. 15 second cooldown when tapped, 30 when held down
    -This will affect allied and enemy electronics with the same effects as Mute's jammers but also on friendly cameras and access to cameras if an ally is inside the radius, will remove dokkaebi's call, and will mute Finka's buff and prevent Lion's gadget from highlighting people for its duration. It will also disable all electronic Operator abilities, friendly and enemy, as well as all gadgets, such as Ela mines and claymores
    -When held down, the Operator is holding down the trigger, and cannot ADS or sprint, has reduced hip fire accuracy, and the ability is instantly stopped when downed
    -Makes a significant ammount of noise when active
    -Disables all electronic weapon sights in the radius when active
    -Very short activation and recovery time when tapped
    -0.75 second activation delay with a very distinct audio cue
    -disabled by Thatcher's EMP, visible on IQ's scanner during the activation delay (will jam it while active), can be used to expend all remaining charges when DBNO at the cost of half the revive timer, granting 1.5 seconds per charge
    -Will not affect yokai drones, batteries, electroclaws, or Twitch drones, and will be interrupted if zapped by Twitch
    - Additionally, using the gadget while in range of an active defuser will pause the defuser timer while it's active

    All numbers and interactions are up for debate, let me know what you think
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    Defender concept

    Good concept, but surely it would just be a moving mute, so it would be a better concept if mute was ever in a bad spot.

    This is the one I made

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    I've tried to differentiate the gadgets it interacts with as much as possible from Mute, and I think the concept of "jamming" is the only simmilarity they share, and functionally the gadgets would serve a COMPLETELY different purpose, much like how Ash and Zofia are
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