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    Did somebody insult him?
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    he said he will go back to the Ubisoft studio in France where he came from

    he used to be the boss at that studio and made four AC games including the legendary black flag

    we were lucky enough to have him spending 4 years of his career away from home to make and develop for honor in Montreal .

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    While I'm not one to criticize a developer's skill and knowledge I will say that over the course of its life, For Honor has gotten worse and not better.

    This is one of the few original IPs that has a chance to really bolster the ubi portfolio but unfortunately it's inching ever closer to being a meme generator.

    I'll be shocked if they bother putting anymore dev hours into after season 3.
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    Originally Posted by bannex19 Go to original post
    Did somebody insult him?
    Somebody said they wanted Eric Pope gone too.

    Look guys, if you want to discuss what you do or do not like about the directions For Honor has taken then make a seperate thread about that. This thread is simply about wishing all the best to a fellow human being who kept this game going for us to still be playing it for 2 plus years now. I ask you to kindly respect that.
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