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    Missing operator from holiday pack

    I purchased the game in august and I have enjoyed it up into this moment. My account name is sawyerthelaw When the holiday packs came out I was really appreciative and thankful because I couldn't afford any of the passes and I wanted a season pass operator. When I opened the pack it said I received Mira which wasn't my first choice but I was content. When I went to the operator menu to customize her It said I did not have her. I restated u play to see if I had Mira but I didn't show her in the menu. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Contact ubisoft support, we cant help you
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    Thank you for sharing this! As Elgato1405 mentioned, please reach out to our Ubi support for missing holiday pack. You can contact support by going here -

    Were you able to log in before Jan. 1st?
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