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    No really. This thread is making absolutely no sense. Don't choose the random-chosen-operator thingie and/or play with Monty and deal with it?

    I mean..seriously, its not that hard or unavoidable.
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    Originally Posted by deej.hartwig Go to original post
    Hello, fellow rainbow six gamers
    I am writing this thread today to request the removal of Montagne from my PlayStation account. I really enjoy the randomly chosen operator feature that recently got added to the game but when I get Montagne it completely ruins my day. My friends and I have deal that if we get Montagne as our randomly chosen operator we have to kill ourselves in game. I keep getting Montagne from this random operator selection and I am absolutely sick and tired of it. So I humbly request The removal of Montagne from my PlayStation account. i would hope there is more people that are in the sameboat as me.
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