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    1. Removing gear stats wasting everyone's money/time is a real **** move just so they can make more money.

    2. Making changes to heroes and balancing the game around a bunch of no life try hards playing on pc crying about turtles because they are all too ***** to throw out an attack because they might lose at a game.

    3. Taking forever to rework even one hero and doing a **** job of it.
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    everyone agrees on the killing animation and the arcade

    but i do like the wu lin except nuxia .
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    And don't forget that every MM it's awful and every match it's boring because of that. And of course you can quit because of the penalty...
    And please, remove the turtles it's soooooo boring to play against this kind of players..
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    i agre guys ubi team gj, best trash content 2018. i dont scare to say ubi you suks
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    2. JJ is cancer? Are you joking? The real cancer is Nuxia, but she isn't OP. Shaolin is strong, but there are other strong heroes. JJ isn't strong duel because no openers and no 50/50, but he is the first good turtle, Lawbringer how he should have been, I know few LB mains who begin to main JJ. Tiandi is normal, just stronger version of Orochi. All Wu Lin now Tier A and B, they are not OP, they are strong enough to compete with other strong heroes, I think nobody want another Tier C/D trash heroes, who waiting rework few years.
    3. Minion kill animation was removed for a reason and I think it is better, cause not midders now can quickly push the mid.
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    Number 1 will always be PtoP connects or not have dedicated servers to begin with.

    Number 2 not separately balancing between pc and console

    Number 3 Only having a 4v4 mass multiplayer mode instead of a 16 vs 16 and the like. Balancing heroes and matchmaking would have been less of a problem.

    Number 4. Balancing of heroes ETAs to long. Nerfing weak heroes and absurdly strong/broken new ones.

    Number 5 Not having a system for honorable fighting (ie 1v1) in the mass multiplayer game modes like dominion and letting ganking and revenge builds dominate the landscape for as long as they have or did. People have screamed for this over and over again and it has been ignored. Ganks are a bad business model that Ubisoft wholly embraced.
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    Originally Posted by Saints.Lekret Go to original post

    Well that’s a terrible and very biased tier list
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    PK's looking at JJ's wondering how this chinese LB is more mobile than they are
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    Marching fire... all of it except breach

    PK rework

    Orochi rework
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