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    After 3 years, I finally call Mercy Ubisoft. You win.

    I love Siege's basic gameplay and possibilities. It's probably one of the best ideas, if er...*rocky*....executions, of an MP game in years.

    I understand it wasn't designed with people like me, who play by themselves or at most with one other person, in mind. It never will be. A *lot* of games aren't, especially in these modern times.

    But you know what they do? Do you know what they do Ubisoft?

    They have the ******* common sense to give SoloQ/DuoQ players some small protections and help them along since they start each match with a large disadvantage in many cases.

    Almost all of them do. Halo, CS:GO, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm (not at first but they changed), even ******* Overwatch, Paladins and SMITE try to either protect Solo players in their Flex Queues or give them a dedicated Solo/DuoQ playlist so that at the very least every single player in the match is starting from the same platform in terms of team comp and communication.

    And the MAJORITY of them go the extra mile to try and prevent Rank exploiting and limit smurfing, by restricting Rank differences in parties, not letting Casual/Social playlists be a complete free-for-all and making Ranked requirements beyond "Play for like, I dunno, 1.5/2 hours" so that you can't spam new accounts in Ranked.

    But what do you do Ubisoft?


    No SoloQ. No Ranked restrictions. Parties vs. Randoms is ridiculously common. You can legit play Ranked with only a few Operators and less time played in MP than it takes to beat the tutorials (if you use the free booster they give you or your buddies help you) so smurfing is rampant and everywhere (even hopping on PC now thanks to that last sale and the $15 Starter Edition).

    Over the last few days I've played about 20 Ranked matches and some odds and ends Casual matches, both on PC and Xbox (mostly Xbox).


    *Every. Single. ONE.*

    You can probably guess about how well they went (Hint: Extremely poorly). Many of them had people using the Plat/Diamonds with Smurfs/Low Rankers for easy matches exploit in them too - you know how fun a match is when you've got legit Silver/Golds on your team the enemy is ALL Plats/Diamonds thanks to Rank cheese?

    Not very, I'll tell you what.

    The Casual matches were just as bad, as they're basically a consequence free free-for-all where Diamonds play Coppers and 5-Stacks play 5 Randoms on the regular and brand new players play CL 200+ players like it's all great.

    The worst part is many if not all of these kinds of changes that would greatly helped the game and other, even more prideful developers (coughBlizzardcoughRiotcough) have admitted were needed are EXTREMELY easy to implement. Like you could start working tomorrow and probably have the playlists and/or restrictions designed, tested, implemented and ready to be patched in by the end of the month at worst.

    But you won't because...reasons, I guess.

    So I admit defeat Ubisoft. As a long time Tom Clancy and Rainbow Six fan, I call mercy. I gave up on earning Plat each Season as I had been doing through Para Bellum because it had become too frustrating and was willing to just settle for Gold each Season instead.

    But after doing that through Grim Sky and now trying in Wind Bastion, even not giving a damn and not trying is too hard to enjoy because of how badly SoloQ players are treated and how screwed up the MM system is.

    You win by Surrender Ubisoft, 3-4 your favor.
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    I agree with everything you said. I made a similar post with suggestions not to long ago with not much input.
    Protecting legit new players is critical if they want to expand. Smurfs and kids ruin the game for everyone. Versing 5 stacks a solo Q has always been a nightmare.
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    they can add soloQ/duoQ/full stackQ easily, but it doesn't make sense somehow.
    SoloQ makes sense, but you have to wait longer to get a match.first they need to check your elo and match you against other people soloQing with your elo.
    duoQ doesn't make sense.for example the game finds 2 duoQ, the game is 5v5, where should game get the other one?should it get 5 duoQ and slit one of those duo people ?? it doesn't make sense.

    siege in the beginning had a lot of problem with que and couldn't find a match, or it split a 5 man que into 2 different took around 5 minute to get a game just so that people can leave in the middle of matchmaking and the counter starts was hell for us at the it's good.i know soloQ isn't supported, but i get what you're saying.

    if they want to add something like this it has to be like this:
    -if you search for a game and your squad isn't full, the other team HAS to be like your squad.for example:
    team 1 = 1 soloQ + 2 duoQ
    team 2 = 2 duoQ + 1 thripleQ

    -if your squad is full (5 player) then it HAS to find an enemy with a full squad.

    edit: do i make sense?
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    The issue with PVP is that it is alway jiggy with ego and challenges your self esteem. I dont like PVP for that reason, used to play a lot of planetside2 and Farcry3 pvp and its just endless war giving only moments of elation that I did extremely well or depression that I got snaked like a nooby.
    Eventually with a crap internet connection and PC you just give up and getting a break where things will ever be even or you get so invested that you beat other guys because of your superior location knowledge and tactical awareness. I remember one 8v8 where I was enough better that i stopped using guns and only used melee knife attacks and still got highest kills.
    Eventually you see it as a playground where you are actually playing against yourself and trying to make less mistakes as you can always do better and dont feel that some better player is hacking (as I have never actually seen one hacking even though my lag has been so bad that others are teleporting around the area because of the lag.
    Its always laughable to me that people want the AI or game to exhibit actual reality like gameplay and they are so invested that they think the game doesn't act like reality and well is a testament to the games actual simulation of reality that you think a programer could easily make something simulating actual reality. Its just a game.

    If you give up its because you feel you are doing as well as you can do and have no room for improvement and are bored with it and need a new game to peak your interest.
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