Hey guys, this time I show you a 5 man strat on how to defend Archives and Tellers on the map Consulate with the operators: Mira, Jager, Castle, Maestro and Pulse in Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion.

We start by placing a Mirror Window in the North office of Archives looking towards the corridor between spiral stairs and blue corridor, followed by the second in blue, facing Kitchen. Mira then plays in Blue corridor with a hole in the ceiling looking up at Tellers windows.

Jager gives both the Mirror windows an ADS and plays in Admin with Castle, who places one Castle barricade on the middle office door in Archives, then the other two in Admin.

Admin hatch is opened by Maestro, who then places both his Evil Eyes in Tellers to help Pulse and Mirror use C4 from below and then Maestro plays in Archives North office behind the Mirror Window.

All of Archives hatches get reinforced and Pulse plays in Archives middle office with a rotation into Archives and gives callouts to his team by using his Cardiac Sensor.