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    AC Odyssey "They Just Want Cruelty" Quest Bug

    I looked around, and it seems like this has happened to a couple of people, but on one of my saves (doing two playthroughs) this quest bugged out. Even though I've completed all 5 arena encounters, it stopped tracking at 4/5. The arena announcer that shows up after you clear all the fights for the first time has showed up with a golden arena symbol over his head like I'm supposed to talk to him, but he just sits in his tent and I can't interact with him. The OG announcer is still around and offers the fights,, but shows no signs of noticing I've completed the quest.

    I've tried quitting and reloading, save-s*******, travelling out of the area and then travelling back - no luck so far. Is there a way to verify file integrity on the PS4? I'm not as adept with it as I am with my PC, but if anybody knows how to verify files on PS4 please let me know.

    Has anybody else had this quest stop tracking at 4/5 completion even after completing all the arena fights? Have you been able to do anything to fix it? I figured I'd post here on the off-chance a mod would see it and add it to the 'patch this' list. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Ubi-Bandicoot's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey Aaron,

    Sorry you've encountered this, we are aware of the issue and the development team are looking into it at the moment.

    As soon as we have any more info on the progress of this we will update everyone.
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    They Just want cruelty bug

    I have the Same bug in the game. I win all 5 arena fight, the golden arena simbol showed up, But i cant talk with the man. And the quest said 4/5 match i have. This is my second gameplay with Kassandra.
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    Hey animuskibu, thanks for your report and welcome to the forums.

    This is currently being investigated by the development team and we hope to have more information available as soon as possible.
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    Have the same problem 4/5 and have for months, I delete my first run through toon that had completed quest by accident cant get back. Is there an eta on a fix?
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    Hey guys, apologies I have no additional updates at this time. If you haven't already, please submit a copy of your save file to us here.
    If you can, please let me know your ticket number once that's done.

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    Bug - "They just want cruelty"

    Quest line is broken on second play thru with kassandra on hard mode.

    - Completed all 5 fights and game doesn't update roster with check marks.
    - roster shows fights 4&5 as incomplete.
    - after defeating opponent 4 or 5 again, game skips victory scene and cuts straight to Skoura outside arena.
    - Skoura says his line and kassandra is forever frozen in place.
    - controller functions other than map and options are dead
    - map opens, but unusable. Cannot fast travel. Only "option" is return to title screen without saves"
    - restarting game or PS4 is no help

    - mercenary fights (when available) show proper arena victory scene and place Kassandra outside arena after completion
    - gameplay following mercenary defeat appears normal

    - although hopefull of a fix in the last 2 patches, the same condition exists.
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    Bug -They just want cruelty

    Repeat of what was posted in RealSehsadob.

    Patiently waiting for a FIX!
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    Hi RealSehsadob and Sehsadob.
    Welcome along to the forums

    If you could both set up a case on our support site, and upload copies of your save files for the game, that would be great.
    The dev team are still investigating this issue at this time.
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    Save files after Winzip compressed is 9.37MiB too big to upload.
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