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    Monopoly Online for Nintendo Switch

    I purchaced Monopoly on Nintendo Switch for the purpose of playing online with my family. I was hoping it supported multiple local players in a private party but this does not seem to be the case. Is this an update that we can look forward to? You can play with multiple local players while not online, it does not make sense to not allow it in a private room online. I submitted a ticket but i was basically written off. Any information will be more than welcome.
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    The game supports playing locally on one Nintendo Switch or playing online with each online player having their own game and Nintendo Switch. I can and will pass along your feedback.
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    I also got this and was bummed out they left that feature out. It seemed so obvious that I was surprised that it wasn't there either. I often play Monopoly on the switch with other people in my living room. And we also have talked about this before.. How it would be fun to play online opponents instead of the AI.
    Seedlur is far from alone on this request.
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