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    Assassinn’s creed 4 Black Flag x360 language problem

    Hello, I bought AC4 in years ago, so i didn’t played it a long time.(Xbox 360 version) I bought Xbox one and today I tried install Xbox 360 version on Xbox one and unfortunately language in menu is in Russian, I tried to find everywhere thank with google translator with photos, nothing here, only subtitle language and speech language. Nowhere’s “menu language”.
    Already tried set location and language on Xbox system, nothing wont work for me, so I asking you for a help please.
    And sorry for my bad English.
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    Hi Boban500CZ! Welcome to the forums. It sounds like you got a region locked copy of ACBF. English would not be available on that copy of the game. I recommend reaching out to the retailer you purchased the game from, since you are unable to download a language pack for it. For future reference, here are the supported digital retailers for our games.
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    Thanks for potential solving problem, but in past the English language were was in the game, so this is why I don’t understand it
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