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    Level of difficulty: Rabbids nightmare!

    Can we have a history with a level of difficulty that is just too hard for the average player?
    For example, I have beaten the first world with all its challenges and second world up to chapter 6 with the starting weapons and a very limited use of orbs. In many of the levels, I could only find solutions that depended on the ability of the main weapons activating when shooting, so for example, I had a probability of around 5% (my estimation) to beat challenge 1-8 with 520 coins spent on weapons, 0 orbs spent , and team Mario-Luigi-RabbidLuigi.
    A nice way would be to severely limit the earned coins and orbs.
    I think that using the most powerful weapon and all orbs on any battle removes the challenge and so the fun. So I artificially increase the level,but would be nice to have it official and see some kind of world ranking with the strategies used.
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    Hey, pacoarjonilla!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on this. I'm glad you like to challenge yourself, and if you are after a challenge, the Community Competition should be right up your alley! Have you seen the announcement?

    I will make sure to pass your feedback along to the team!
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