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    Yea. Im glad you guys get enjoyment from the crossovers but I really just want this game as a self contained entity to get some better features instead of them putting time and effort into interconnecting these IPs.
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    Originally Posted by AI BLUEFOX Go to original post
    Good job, SgtUltra.

    I'm glad you guys get some enjoyment out of the whole Clancyverse, thing. I gotta be honest, though, the crossover themes to other games leave me a little cold. I'm hoping SO4 will be Ghost Recon centric and focus on the transition into Fallen Ghosts.
    Hear, hear!
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    Re: Skell Tech

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    It really is interesting how they decide to focus their efforts into something like this instead of other things..... Really activates the old almond🤔🤔
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    Originally Posted by TheSgtUltra Go to original post
    Skell Tech is literally about the future of Ghost Recon, why are we only like 10 people actually looking into this?
    General lack of interest on my part, mostly.
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    I really hope that Ubisoft won't make another GR game about Russian Ultranationalists. It would be much better to get a game where different countries (US, France, Germany, Russia, China and some others) make joint operation in a country occupied by terrorist group which have an access to high tech weapons and equipment. It can go as Wildlands: big country, approx. 20 provinces. Each nation got 2-3 provinces (area of responsibility) where Ghosts operate with a cooperation with respective country helping them crush terrorists in provinces which in their area and free the country. This won't alienate some players because many countries represented as good guys - only terrorists are bad, but nobody likes them after all. And this will allow add basically any weapons/equipment/characters in game because almost everyone is involved.

    Originally Posted by biomag83 Go to original post
    Oh, what a surprise, so4 is going to be about Watch Dogs 2! who would have thought
    Well, it can be For Honor/Assassin's Creed crossover where player will have to infiltrate Absterigo using only swordfighting. Or Far Cry crossover where ghosts will have to find Hurk and return him back to USA.
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