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    yeah its increadeble you can tell your team you found a vigil wtf ubisoft explain this
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    Actually, this is much easier. "Block" the player for unsportmanship. & that way, you cannot see his or her toxic words. "Block" is the answer.
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    This is rly dosent matter at all Toxic yes i just report 3 guys in same team for toxic in ranked but when i have say to them i have report them now the just take turn to spawn kill me whitout getting ban i got so mad that i just take 60 min ban for spawn killing if this how this game works im out dont buy any season pass anymore or anything agian ... if you are ubisoft you can see how mutch i have spend on this game ....
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    How about putting a ****ing anti griefing system in instead of this ********. This is redundant and servers no purpose but being a god damn meme. THREE ****ing years tking and griefing has been an issue and only getting worse and you give us this dog****e?
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Zoro Go to original post
    I want to clarify that the list of words will still be focused on Racial/Homophobic slurs — you are able to swear like a sailor if you want, you just need to avoid slurs.
    This is not true. Some swear words result in messages being sent for review, which in turn must mean you can be banned for swearing.
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    Dear UBI MODs,

    What is happening about words which aren't sent as malicious but are picked up as so?
    For example - someone called Nigelxxx(or non offence similar name) on team and I type ' Behind you Nig". Being quicker to type than the full name.
    This gets picked up as a racial slur but it's clearly not.
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    Anti-Australian Sentiment

    As much of a step forward as this is, I'm absolutely fuming at the inclusion of the "C" word in the list of "banned" words. As an Australian, I find that the inclusion of this word after not having it banned previously is a step backward and in most circumstances on the Oceanic servers, means little harm to many. I would like to humbly request that this word be taken off that list of naughty words, as its ilk like the F word' and the SH word' aren't banned. Be consistent Ubi; do you want to ban swears or cherry pick?
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    Any autoban system for language is ridiculous. Whether it’s profanity, racism, name calling, ect. it’s not your place to censor people. There’s already a mute button, if someone is offending you then mute them. Maybe implement some sort of block system if there isn’t already one. Censoring language you deem inappropriate in a game for adults is abysmal. Focus on banning cheaters and stop trying to rule over your community like authoritarian dictators.
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    Well I guess it is something

    It's steps in a direction i will give you that, how about you fix the teamkilling as a bigger priority, we have tools to deal with toxic chatters, its called mute/text mute. However i can play casual with my two friends, find a bunch of teamkillers and get banned for 30 minutes for removing them from the equation while they were attacking my friends to 1 HP. It's my first ban, and i am proud of it, if i get banned for helping my friends and disabling them from playing for that one round, it was well worth it. Maybe you can do something about this instead, and the repeated idk what to call it, "teamshooting" and refine the teamkill ban system, would be much appreciated by probably everyone who isn't toxic, as this is the bigger problem now. You cant even save your teammates without being punished let alone have a laugh in chat with other randoms ( for example i have been chat checked for saying "don't be a C**t lol" (starred so i don't get warned here too) when he picked lion.
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    If Ubisoft wants to fix the issues with Toxicity, FIX the issues that make people RAGE and WANT to be toxic because they are so MAD because of game problems that should have been fixed YEARS ago.

    Counter-Strike NEVER had this kind of issue with toxicity in its early days because the game was getting significant patches CONSTANTLY.

    Demo-recording was used to catch and ban cheaters. This built up servers with a reputation for being CLEAN.

    Ask yourselves, why is that PUBG players are so TOXIC, while Fortnigte players are not? Even though the player base for FT is much YOUNGER!

    Its because PUBG is filled with AGGRIVATING performance, bugs and cheating issues while Fortnite is constantly improving performance, squashing bugs and hunting down cheaters, a hell of a feat to do in a free-to-play game.

    If Ubisoft REALLY wants the kind of non-toxic community other games have, then the game ITSELF needs to be a game that won't cause RAGE on part of the players with STUPID BULL ****.

    It requires effort, but it is NOT complicated.
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