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    How do i do a full installation of chessmaster 11?

    I read the FAQ page carefully. it just says do a full installation but doesn't say how. I don't see a button that says full installation. I installed all the patches. I just want to install the game so i don't have to use a disk to play. i can't seem to find any threads on this(or i'm having trouble navigating through threads). i even searched on google but only the first few pages. thought i'd check on here. any help would be greatly appreciated. .
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    There is no "Full Installation" button. There is a section of the installation where you're prompted to select the different features (Chessmaster program files, tutorials, voice files, etc.) You should select all features, and then install DirectX as well. After that's done, you'll need to install the patches.

    For Chessmaster 10th Edition, the last patch (1.03) is critical to playing without a CD. With Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition, you won't need the DVD to play, but you might be prompted for the disc at certain times if you didn't select all the features during installation.
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