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    Has hit detection changed again in the new season?

    Have they hit boxs or hit detection changed again in the last update?

    Nothing I do seems to register, I'm getting obvious HS and they are not registering. At one poitn i even sprayed a 80 bullet clip into someone, EVERY bullet, from about 4 metres, multple HS multiple body shots, yeh me manages to virtually stand still reload and shoot me.

    On another occasion I completely miss someone my shot was way above his head yet i somehow hit him and too damage of him, which was impossible from how much I actually missed him.

    I'm matching up with some of the same people I played against last season who I won against every single time and now when I shoot them nothing happens on occasions I have a 1-2 Second headstart on firing before they even shoot back.

    My Ping is literally capped at 9, occasionaly spiking to 12-15 but that's it.

    It feels like something is really different to last season and I can't figure it out, I don't know what to even do my reaction speeds are the same, my accuracy is the same yet nothing happens.

    This game is literally unplayable for me at the moment is anyone else finding this?

    A couple of others in the discord i'm in are seeing the same but it only seems like a few of us at the moment.
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    I noted last night that there were times that what I saw on my screen was not correct. I was shooting right at someone, but (of course) they fire at me once and get a headshot for the kill and the kill-cam is showing they took absolutely no damage. When I was shooting my scope reticle was right on their body and 3 or 4 shots went out on the screen, but the guy walked away with 100 health.

    But this was not happening all the time. There were definitely other times when it was more normal. My ping is generally pretty stable in the 9 to 15 range, so there weren't any wild latency issues on my end that I was aware of.

    And - of course - with the new patch it seems like there are cheaters in every round.
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    Originally Posted by Bravestinsane Go to original post
    Have they hit boxs or hit detection changed again in the last update?
    Nope, aside from a few real nasty matches here and there it's been pretty much the same for the past few months. It's kinda in the 'goldilocks zone' of pos hit reg I'd say. Not too much and not too little..kinda right up the middle leaving a 7-10 spare.
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    I notice that when there is an uptick in the number of players on (when there is a new season drop, or a free weekend, etc.), that it appears the servers glitch out because they can't handle the weight. Using any automatic weapon results in very few of my hits landing; I can dump clips into people, yet they finish me very quickly, while having taken very little damage. It's almost like the server even gets confused, and reflects the damage I'm trying to do back at me instead of my enemy, along with the damage they are inflicting. I'm convinced this has to do with a combination of my low ping (9 on PS4), and their servers being absolute poo.

    When this happens, I have to switch to playing single-shot weapons such as DMR's and shotguns, until the population playing goes back down to normal levels.
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