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Hi everyone,
Since the start of the PvP beta over one month ago, we have seen a lot of feedback from you and today we want to talk about your most discussed suggestions.

1. Map Vote
Having the option to influence what playlist you will play is something a lot of you have requested. We can confirm we are working on implementing this feature and we’ll share more information about it in the near future.

2. Alaska and new playlists challenges
In this phase of the beta, all of the challenges available in PvP are based in the Alps. We plan to add new playlists in Alaska in the coming months. In January we’ll also have a couple more playlists in the Alps with brand new challenges not currently available in the game.

3. Score improvements
We are constantly working on improving the PvP score system. We already implemented some changes on the PC version last week and we’ll keep testing before transferring them to consoles. Next week we’ll also tweak how many experience points you get by taking part in the PvP. We’ll share more details on this next Thursday.

Down below you can see the 3 playlists available this week, we have added a new one for Rocket Wingsuit.

Available Playlists – December 6th / 13th
    • Dizzying Cold
    • Flight in the Wood
    • Eagle of the Needles
    • Moon
    • Order
    • Forester
    • ocky Path
    • Pillow Field
    • Angel

See you next week with more PvP Beta news- keep sharing your feedback!

The Steep Team