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    Nobushis description

    It's kind of trivial but can we have some changes to her description from long range versatile retreat hero to something else more fitting or make it so she fits her description not to confuse new players or even people like me who feel disappointed when they see the description. For range she is outright out ranged by other heros and doesn't have the ability to use the range she does have so it's kinda pointless. For versataile retreats what does she have that's even a retreat?... oh I bet there talking about swift recoil!.....No that would be a situational retreat and it said retreats not retreat.....viper's retreat? I'm actually at a complete loss here as how this was even a thing at least long range has an excuse to be there with how her and the old parrying/ cast worked. Also can we just admit that hidden stance is a poor name for the move as it has almost nothing to do with how the move is actually used or even associated with how the move is used and that were also stuck with it with how long its been named that for this long.

    Ps her vipers retreat should actually be a retreat it would be a good name if the move had anything to do with its name.... While I'm here even though she needs more can her bleeds stack?
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    Poor Nobushi actually is in a pitiful state right now. Not saying she can't be efficient, but a lot of her kit is just cosmetic or just plain and simple not fun to use. I love her visual style. But I hate how she plays.
    The worst thing is dodge on block. Something that needs be timed and more often then not just puts you ad a DISadvantage. Its so stupid. But they haven't fixed it in 2 years. Don't see a change here.
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    That reminds me of this custom match I had where my nobushi was called grasfull and how they enjoyed how well she flowed from one attack to the next but I was worn out from using her. It seems like she has to work over twice as hard as the opponent just to win at times. She needs work but I dont want to see her become warden whose more shoulder than sword that said shes already more hidden stance than naginata so that kinda irrelevant. How would you buff her?
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