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    Rmind me. Why is aim assist in this game ?

    Honestly, why do I have to play against people that use aim assist ? Ubisoft, can you give me a decent answer ?
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    to cover up for players with artificial skill.
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    All problems in mind, if they only fixed one issue with this game, it’s removing the damn aim assist from Ghost War.

    Aim assist of any type is simply inexcusable in a PvP game.
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    have you ever tried to turn it off in ghost war? its impossible to actually aim using the built in mechanics. its broken as heck.. just like R6 seige is.
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    if you can't aim without aim assist do yourself a favor and turn it off for a week and get used to it. its how multiplayer should be. the aiming is fine. git gud as dark souls ppl say
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    Not using it isn’t the issue. This issue is some scrub pulling a 180° insta-kill on you even though he didn’t even know you were there because he has it turned on.
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    It's been requested like a thousand times to have it turned off in PvP, at least for PC.

    Ubisoft 'loves to listen to feedback' but doesn't actually implement any of it.
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