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    Hi! Im a big Assassins Creed fan!!!! Have and played every game! But i do have a question/idea.
    I have not seen any games, specially RPG's on any Mesoamerican cultures. It would be amazing haveing an RPG on Aztecs, Mayas, or Incas. I got to see some ruins of mayan and aztec on Assassins creed 3 and 4. But an actual game that would take place on the Aztec Empire 1345 CE or Mayans 2600 B.C
    Jungles and pyramids if theirs any games of this content please let me know. Im sure theirs not. But UBISOFT would be a perfect company to create or fun such a game!
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    Hi Cucuy602,

    Welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas with us. I am going to move this to the general AC forum for you!
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    Just play Shadow of the Tomb Raider mate Lara is actually one of the best Assassins out there

    But if they would decide to use this setting I would take a lot of inspiration of from Shadow of the Tomb Raider (they actually used "rope dart" hanging there.

    It is a fantastic game.
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