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    Gender unlock DLC. sure ill pay for.

    for gender equality. and as i mentioned in title sure ill pay for it.
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    Even if they decided to add the opposite gender for certain heroes to the game it really shouldn't cost anything but come as its own free update, altough I really do not see the need for this . . . but maybe it could be a better long-term project for the designers than to pump out, at this point basically recyled, battle outfits.
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    The only one I really want is a male shaman. No idea why they didn't call her a shamaness if they didn't intend on adding a male counterpart.
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    It literally couldn't take longer than a total combined effort of 10 hours in 3d editing software with some of the heroes as you don't even see their faces. For female only, where the face is not included, all it takes to convert it to male is just a shrinkage of the bust area and slight widening of the shoulder width and waist with a reduction to hips. Going in to move the wireframe would be a piece of cake. For heroes with exposed faces it would take more work.

    Notice how most of the heroes with both genders are ones where you can't see their faces.... Conqueror, Warden, etc. Or ones where only a little bit of their face is exposed, kensei, shinobi. I might just still be one of the salty players that is confused why there still isn't male Peacekeeper when the face is obscured and all someone would need to do is go in and adjust the wiremesh to look more like male anatomy. That's literally it. Shame on you, Ubi, folk have been asking for this kind of stuff forever and you still don't deliver.
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    They have lore reasons not to have both genders which adds some depth to the game and makes each hero a little more unique. They should be focusing on balance not this stuff.
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    The game does NOT need this at the moment! The game is severely unbalanced and adding more genders is not what is needed. Not to mention, if we would want all classes/heroes to have both genders. That would cost alot of money to hire voice actors, make new models, model new armor for the new genders, for heroes as peacekeeper who has helmets that show their face now they would even need to make more faces.
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