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    Can we have some real balance ?

    It's been months since the big change in balance.
    If at first it's seemed to be a good things, it's now obvious it's worst than ever.

    Ok, we get it, you need money and made the lengedary more powerfull to push people to pay.
    But the game become less and less fun, because totaly dominated by some card, way to powerfull.
    And obvioulsy, Mystical is way too powerfull.

    For those who don't know, the main strategy with mystical is to force your opponent to come in your side, renforce your team, and basicaly overrun the all game.
    And Mystical have a LOT of card to help you do that.

    Let's start with the 4 cards that open every mystical game : Choirboy Butters, Hermes Kenny, Energy Staff and Zen Cartman.
    The first two simply force you to open quickly your deck to defend. As thoses cards give energy back, this move almost don't cost anything. But you force your enemy to send a card your side. And saddly, card that kill those two will often cost more energy.
    You don't have those two in your hand ? No problem. You can play the staff, that will basically, even at level 2 (!!!) give you an avantage and a delay to unleash your game.
    You have'nt any of those three in hand ? No problem ! Here come the ultimate delay bringer, zen Cartman. Very Slow, charge quickly, the opponent gonna have to play in your side, with or against its will.
    And if your opponent manage to deal with one of them, no problem, you still have the other 3 !

    Just with those cards, I've already made my point. But let's continue with the 2 overplayed legends : Witch Doctor Token and Medusa Bebe.

    While the enemy is force to come against his will in your side, you can easily play Bebe or Token who are basicaly half immortal. Both can't be destroyed by a Lightning Bolt because they have so many HP they don't know what to do with. Usefull against land or air-creature, very powerfull when your opponent have more way more card than you in game, doesn't fear poison, rat, assassins.. Bby simply putting them in game, you're killing it.

    But let's say your opponent has something to deal with them, and start to hurt them. No problem, you still have Regeneration, or Hallelujah. Or even the little Angel Wendy, who for once, is not over buffed.
    At this point, you could say : "Ok, but Kenny and Butters are easy to kill, and other card don't deal a lot of damage".
    Except it's false. Between Sexy Nun Randy, or, the last but not the least legend, The Master Ninjew, all your cards will be able to deal a lot of damage.

    And after that, if you're opponent manage to destroy your big card, no problem, there is still Timmy Pope who will bring one back, and still kill most of 3energy epic without taking a damage. After resuscitate a 5 of 4 energy card. And after killing your air unit. And don't worry that your opponent may kill it before the warcry, it's barely impossible, even when the opponent is ready.

    So what ?
    -> So it's past time for a big nerf of Mystical, starting with Token, BB, Tmmy and Cartman. For Token and BB, reduce HP. For Timmy why not reduce dammage (or change warcry to reduce level of the resurrected card), and for Cartman increase the loading time.
    And we can imagine that Token can only recover half of the HP he drained.

    But some balances are missing on other cards.
    • Marcus, who have too many HP or load too quickly
    • Chicken Coop, which have too many HP
    • Canadian Ike who load to fast
    • Alien Queen Red who only fear Mystical
    • Hookhand Clyde, who should only attack the last creature invoked like the others
    • Blood Elfe BB who has way too many HP
    • Unholy Combustion, the super Transmogrify

    At the opposite, some card need a big buff
    • Outlaw tweek, useless
    • Inuit Kenny, the biggest joke of all
    • Captain Wendy, or Ice Sniper Wendy, basicaly weak compared to the BBs
    • Gizmo Ike, too slow, with useless clones who die under zap
    • Hyperdrive (does anybody play this card?)
    • Imp Tweek, with a warcry too slow
    • Dark Mage Craig (Dark Mage who?)
    • Nathan, who deal too few damage

    I know some will desagree. But I truly think this game need some REAL balance.
    (Sorry for bad english)
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    I think you're right that mystical is op,but all cards have counters.SNR dies to an rat swarm snd an assasin,WDT can be countered with enforcer jimmy/powerbind, medusa bebe can be countered with a sheriff/awesomo and an assasin,choirboy doesn't restore much energy,zen can be countered with a BHK and rats/underpants,to prevent regen and hallelujah use YPC.

    I know you can't really own all these cards in your deck,but everything is counterable.
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    Redlynx r u there?
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    Who still play rats when they feed the BB ? It's just madeness to play rats in the actual metagame.
    Same for Zen, rats are now an heresy, and BHK is for sure not strong enough. And it will coast a lot to kill a 3 energy card !

    WDT can be countered, but it's pretty useless as he has a huge load of HP, and will get back his power long time before being dead. Not mentioning Purify or regeneration.

    I don't know why you think any cartman can counter medusa BB, but no. Unless the player is dumb as hell, there is no chance he will play medusa without a lot of blocker.

    And for Hallelujah or regen, my point : you need mystical to counter mystical.

    The big problem is Aventure has nothing to counter Mystical (all legends and Timmy have too many HP to be killed by magic or Clyde), and SF only have Red (Other poison or MC doesn't last long enough).
    Only fantasy and mystical can counter mystical. Simple as that.
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    The problem is the shear potency of mystical cards. It takes more resources to counter their cards than it takes them to counter other themes. Drops a swarm and medusa hard counters. Enforcer is not a reliable counter to WDT, he will be charged before running into enforcer and will likely kill it with the charge. Awesumo is s prime combustion target. Sheriff dies quickly. Mystic just needs a big fat nerf, especially PT.
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    I think you raise some good points here. We'll forward this information to the rest of our team so they can keep it in mind for future balance changes.
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Toller Go to original post
    I think you raise some good points here. We'll forward this information to the rest of our team so they can keep it in mind for future balance changes.
    This can't really be the first time these "good points" have crossed your mind, can it?

    Here's another thing that maybe, somehow, not been noticed.
    Almost every event lately has been mystical, including today.
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    No, no balance. Mystic is the dominant theme. Just go get a lobotomy, pick up lvl 4 PT, 4 SNR and lvl 3 mbp and you get an effortless top 500 rank. Work in medusa and WDT and you can even be top 250 just by knowing when to play your PT. No joke, your opponent can be completely stomping you and you will still win your match.
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    The points you make regarding mystic are all valid, but the problem is broader than that.
    I mean Sci-Fi (BHK, Enforcer, Awesome-0, Mecha somehow) and fantasy (GWC, Shieldmaiden, Amazingly, Coop, C o c k magic) still have very powerful cards, while adventure right now only survives thanks to SoMM.

    But the whole balance now lies in who's been the most lucky with its Epics/Legendary drops and who paid the most, and that is the biggest problem. If commons and rares were still a thing, even unlucky people would have rather strong decks thanks to requesting. But now except for Blood Elf or Robo and maybe astro/paladin/princess, it's worthless to request any common cards above lv4.
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    IF mystic player dosent have lvl 3 legendaries, it is weakest and hardest deck to play cept mabye for sci-fi alone which require some kind of brain to use... Adventure is top deck on low and mid tier so PLEASE stop crying and use your BRAIN and hybrid ur decks like the good players do. inuit is very strong card and HHC and SOMM are rubbish broken cards. Do like the little noobs out there do ... hybrid adventure and sci-fi for a brain dead deck. and PLEASE dont forget the BARREL DOUGIE . the bunkering and energy tricks a a part of mystical .. since mystical deck cannot fight on par with adventure direct damage nooblets .
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