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    Not so secure?

    Hi everybody,
    I've got a suspicous activity e-mail from Ubisoft, that said that someone had logged into my account from the UK. Of course it wasn't me, but it wouldn't be that interesting. The fact is, I have the 2-step verification turned on, which should mean that I need exactly my phone, right? So how is this possible?
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    Hey there DarWinHUN, sorry to hear of this.

    There are areas that can be logged in to without 2 Step Verification such as our Support Portal and the Ubisoft Club.

    I'd highly suggest you update your password to secure your account.

    Let me know if you get stuck with anything.
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    Same thing has happened to me, 4 times over the past 2 months. 2 from USA and 2 from Vietnam. I've just changed my password but it's ridiculous how they managed to obtain it, do you guys even know what encryption is??? Also make it so everything requires 2FA, i'd rather not have my account hacked through social engineering through your support system.
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