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    Jeopardy for Nintendo Switch's online is broken


    I just downloaded Jeopardy from the eshop and you cant log in to the ubisoft club.

    I used the same password online so I know it is correct. This issue also affects Wheel of Fortune where the backend that it is connecting to is severed or seems like it.

    I have contacted NIntendo about how that game is listing features incorrectly and trying to work with them to remove it and Wheel of Fortune from their eshop. I recommend every one else do this so as to force Ubisoft to test their software before release.

    Ubisoft USED to make quality games. Now a broken game seems par for the course. ridiculous.
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    Hi CapnSkull! There was a known issue that should have been resolved. If you are still having this issue, please follow this FAQ. If this does not help, you can send me a PM with your Switch username so I may investigate this further for you.
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    I have been having the same issue with the same two games as well. Even though I knew my password was correct, I changed it anyway just to see if that could have been the problem. Still get the error message saying my email or password must be incorrect.

    Glad I found this forum and that I'm not the only person that had this problem.

    Such a bummer because I love Ubisoft Club content, and game show videogames are a perfect fit on the Switch
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    The Ubisoft account you are using here on the forums is not linked to your Nintendo Switch. Please link your Nintendo Switch account to your Ubisoft account.
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