I have been an advent player of Ubisoft games. I even play a lot of Assassin Creed games. However, this is the first time I have outright had a problem with any game I have played up till now. I have had an issue for a month now in trying to add friends through Facebook to my game. They don't show up anywhere and I know they are playing because I got the invite notification on Facebook that they playing the game. It's quite vexing because I have spent some time in doing things with my ranch, albeit slowly. I want to help my friends but they don't see me and I don't see them. My friends list is empty except for the character they introduce you to in the game. It is the only one I can see and visit. I would love to connect with my friends in the game.

I am an adamant horse lover and this game has so much beauty to it thus far. I just feel like the issues the game has is greatly overshadowing the potential this game has. This issues of friends not showing up to visit them is quite bothersome and annoying. I want to visit and help my friends but the game simply is not putting them in my friends list at all.