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    shaolin in my opinion

    shaolin is very unfun to play againts i mean his broken ability (broken doesn't mean it's op) iq stance into kick is stun-lock so nobody can react instead of prediction
    related to side dodge heavy form iq stance is punishing too hard because it's tacking and good damage so you can't do anything but guess //sry for bad eng i'm not native speaker
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    he doesn't need a big nerf. i just hate that kick stunt-lock
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    You can dodge the kick but even if it hits you it only guarantees a light, ecerything else can be dodged so you wont eat too much damage.

    And the side heavy from Qi stance punishes dodging hard but it's also pretty slow so it can be parried rather easily.

    Just remember to stay calm against Shaolin, don't try to dodge everything and you'll be fine my friend
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    Block top, dodge backwards. Both of those will save you from a lot of his faster kit. The side lights are more reactable
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