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    "So, you two are really leaving, then?"
    "Oh, honestly, TOOO! Look at this place! It's a ghost town! But don't worry: we'll be back later! We want to catch up with old friends and family. You're not the only humans we know, you know."
    "Yes, really. We've been around humans for centuries! You--" poke! "--just don't like to talk about it, and even when you do, you don't take us very seriously."
    He nodded. "I've heard that some sailors claim to be half-mermaid!"
    "Some sailors will say anything to get a free drink - or a woman."
    "Hmm. Probably."
    As TOOO stood in the surf, Murinna threw herself around him and gave him a big, wet... hug. "Take care of yourself, TOOO. Okay?"
    "Yes, ma'am!"
    Next, it was Mallina who gave him a rather prolonged hug.
    "Honestly, Malli! Stop flirting with him!"

    Soon, the two sea sisters were on their way. But after a minute, they popped out of the water from a distance and waved goodbye. TOOO waved back. Then, they were gone.

    TOOO sat on the sand, and watched the waves.
    "Alright," said Jo, in her best Bogart voice, "let's blow this cookie joint."
    "Maybe later."
    "What, you volunteering to be Caretaker or something? She was right about one thing: this place is a ghost town."

    A minute or two later, TOOO felt like he had been gently hit in the back by a very large fish. He turned, and where Jo had been was a dark-haired mermaid with a black tube top, reclining on the beach. "Hello, Sailor!"
    "Cute, Jo."
    "I could lose the top, if you like."
    With a sigh, the half-fairy returned to Human form.

    “We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”
    ---William James
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    Reluctantly, TOOO hung the sign he never expected to use:


    "Don't worry," Jo assured him. "We'll be back."
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    The server placed a nice pasta salad in front of TOOO, then a hamburger with the works in front of Jo, then moved off.
    As TOOO dug into his salad, Jo taunted him with her burger. "Mmm," she said, "just look at that nice, juicy brown hamburger!"
    "It is nice and brown," TOOO agreed. "Reminds me of something I once flushed!"
    Jo gave him a dirty look to end all dirty looks. "The only thing worse than a smart aleck," she said at last, "is a smart aleck vegetarian."
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    TOOO sat cross-legged on the beach, checking his e-mail on his Kindle. Nearby, Murinna lay on her stomach, her chin resting on her hands, and her tail lazily swishing through the surf.

    Finally, he came upon a grocery ad. "Well!" he said. "I see they named a food after you!"
    She looked up. "What's that?"
    She rolled her eyes. "Tch, oh honestly, TOOO!"
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    An old man who lived some distance from the Age and Country Hotel arrived just as the "Closed for the Season" sign was going up. "Oh I say," he stopped to take a breath, "I have this card for the Age and Country Hotel. It's been buried on my desk for a week, so sorry for the delay."

    A curious Green Dragon floated down to whip the card from the old man's hand. He smiled and flitted his red tongue at the man ever so briefly. With a resounding PFFT the man walked away. Green Dragon held the card up in amazement. It was from his old friend Jade. It read:

    Hello Dear Ones,
    Grizz and I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our friends at the Age and Country Hotel a most joyous and happy Thanksgiving. We found this post from Kestryll and were so excited that the old stories of the Age and Country Hotel still linger on. If you follow this link it should take you back to the very beginning. When Kismet Kat first opened the doors and many adventures ensued. Here it is: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x/a/tp...034/m/24210071 Much love, Jade and Grizz
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    The Library Age

    Tyree was quite surprised to see TOOO, Jo and Jasmine Eagle all link in. But he was especially surprised to see Jasmine holding a baby.
    Tan-lee entered the room. "TOOO! Jo! Jasmine! And who's this little one?"

    "This is Kirlian Eagle," Jasmine replied. "Would you like to hold him?"
    Taking the infant in her arms, Tan-lee told her, "I didn't even know you were pregnant!"
    TOOO smiled. "I guess we have been away too long."
    "And the Age & Country?"
    He sighed. "Still a ghost town."

    Tan-lee turned back to the child in her arms. "I've never seen a Peria baby before! He's all covered with white downy feathers! Does he have his wings?"
    Jasmine shook her head. "Not for a few weeks. Even then, they'll just be vestigial - just skin and bones, no feathers."
    "I'd love to have a baby someday."
    THAT got Tyree's attention.
    "Someday, Tyree, sweetie. Don't get all excited."
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    Tan-lee asked her visitors, "So, where have you been all this time?"
    "Well," TOOO replied, "That's a rather long story..."
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    Days later, Angelo arrived alone in The Library Age.
    Tyree was busy cataloging books on his computer, but otherwise, the place was deserted.
    "Where is everyone?" he asked.
    Without looking up, Tyree replied, "TOOO's become a slumlord ,"
    Angelo could only give him a strange look.
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    The Adventures of TOOO and Jo:
    At the supermarket

    "Let's see what's in the frozen section, TOOO. What's this? "General Tso's Chicken."

    "He is? I thought he was pretty brave, myself."

    "Oh, fun-EE. Ha. Ha. I swear, I can't take you anywhere!"
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