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    Halloween Tribute Map: Evil Dead Boomstick - Dead By Dawn

    Someone's in my fruit cellar AGAIN! Someone with an even fresher soooul!
    Alright you Primitive Screwheads, LISTEN UP!

    See this? This... is our EVIL DEAD BOOMSTICK - Dead By Dawn!

    From the guys that brought you Evil Dead: Boomstick last year. Evil Dead Boomstick - Dead By Dawn is an even bigger, better, more action-packed, double-barreled Remington-stuffed custom map.

    You can find this in Far Cry 5 PC's department. That's right, groundwork for this sweet baby was done by SETHO-1 himself. With mods applied by Steve64b. It's got interactive scripts, sugary sweet sounds, cobalt-blue effects, and some custom triggers. That's right... shop smart: shop S-Mart... Ya got that?!

    The budget was tight, but that didn't stop it. Mods came back on PC. Big time!
    Play as Ash or frenzied Evil Ash, using your good ol' double-barrel to blow your guts to Kingdom Come. Find the secrets in the map and be rewarded with new weapons and health.

    Let's head on down into that cellar and carve ourselves a witch!

    The map is published in Far Cry Arcade by creator Steve64b. See the map on The Far Cry Arcade website. Alternatively, spoil all the fun by watching the map unveiled in this playtest preview vid:
    Spoiler:  Show
    Please do NOT watch if you intend to play the map! You should discover all the secrets in-game!

    Happy Halloween everyone!
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    Good job, amazing work on mods and scripting! The end was hilarious!
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