After the 3 dlcs are out i been wondering how come the superheros in the game get a base and we dont? i been thinking at the start of the dlcs You will get a coonstagram post from coon Saying "Hey New Kid Come to Your House im inside your house near the basement." And You Get A Call From Coon Saying "Hey New Kid come to your house i heard something strange in your basement dude." Once your in your house your near the basement you trigger a cutscene The Coon Says "New Kid Glad Your Here i been hearing something strange in the basement for almost a hour." You Remain Silent And the coon says "Ok Then Since We in your House you should go in your basement to check it out il wait for you near the door. Once You go DownStairs in the basement theres no windows or anything in the basement all of a sudden you get ambush by a Chaos Kid Saying "I Been Rejected forgotten On Forgotten By My Parents and my friends and family. You Slowly Toke Everything from Me But I forgive you. The Chaos Kid Climbs on a Lego Mecha With Tinfoiln that kinda looks like Mecha Chaos Supreme And Slowly Moves Out inside the Mecha And Slowly starts to cry Saying "Your Gonna die By My Hands. And When im done im gonna Destory you and The Entire Galaxy." Boss Fight Begins Just a 1 v 1 boss fight. The Chaos Kid Have 6673 Hp 3 Attacks One Just A Mecha Punch that does 200 Damage. 2 attack is A Dropkick that does 572 Damage 3rd attack Does 397 Damage its a Cannon Attack with Lego Lava That Gives You A Burning Status Effect. Halfway Through The Boss Fight The Chaos Kid will Say "I Wont Let You beat Me." the Attacks Change with only 2 Attacks One Is A Rapid Mecha Punch that does 600 Damage. 2nd Attack is a Tornado Lego Lava Attack That Does 573 Damage and gives you a Burning stats effect. At 700 or 900 Hp the Mecha Gets Halfway Destroyed. The Chaos Kid Says "This cant be the end of The Chaos." The Attacks Change one and final time 1 Is A Ninja Star Throw from the Chaos does 172 Damage. 2nd Is the Mecha Stomp does a knock Back of 5 squares. at 200 or 50 Hp The Mecha Gets Destoryed And The Chaos Gets out of the Mecha And Saids "Looks Like We doing this the old fashion way special objectives Comes Up and it said Use Your Fists and Feet." The Chaos Kid Have 1400 HP. all of your Attacks change and your ultimate is removed for the last part of the fight. 1st attack is just a punch does 100 damage. 2nd attack is A Dropkick does 150, 3rd Attack is A Grapple attack does 270 damage that you punch your enemy in the gut and grabs the enemy,s and throw him in any direction. The Chaos Kid have the same attacks but the grapple is a bit different he punches you and Grabs You by the Arm and throws you in the ground of any direction a square a away and you be rolling and gets up but you do of the option of reverse the attack if you press X with a spilt second After The Chaos Kid Picks A Direction Before He Throws You You Punch Him IN the Face And Throw Him and Have Him Rolling 4 squares away. if you fail Spilt Second QTE The Chaos Kid Will Throw You in the Direction He Chooses. Once You Get Him To 100 hp or below He will Say "You Not Gonna Win But Im not Done Yet." The Chaos kid Will Gain Slow Stats Effect. If You Have 300 HP or Above left you wont gain slow effect and Have 2 Skills one is to punch him and knock him out and handcuff him. The Boss fight Ends Or To Walk Away by 2 squares you will let him escape. The Boss Fight Ends
2nd Skill Is to Get him up and Heal him a bit and Offer Him to join the team and you unlock the Chaos Kid As A Buddy and A Artfacts Called The Mecha Core That gives 673 Might All of your stats will go up by 899 and the movement will go up by 4 depending on the dna you equip. and you will get a Dna Called The Chaos All stats Go Up Hp Will Get 3000 Hp Up Attack Brains ***** will go up by 800. After the Boss Fight the Chaos Kid Will either flee or join you and help you design your base depending on your choice then the coon will come down and help you design and the chaos kid will stay in your superhero base but to be aware your base once every 10 to 27 mins you will get a call from the chaos kid him self telling you theres intruder in the base. once you go to your base while your base is in under attack either it can be chaos kids 6 graders or crab people or maybe priests from the church. After the inturder is defeated you will get rewards like items money and maybe blueprint for your base. Then Thats It you can go back to free roam and explore or Relax in your Base. and if you are in your base you can get attacked after the next intruder breaks into your base.