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    Project stream save data clarification

    I am currently enjoying the game through the google/ubisoft partnership, and my question is so: When the test period ends will I be able to keep my progress provided that I buy a copy of the game and sign in through my ubisoft account? will it transfer over via a cloud save?
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    it unfortunately doesn't look like there will be any way to do this, which is unfortunate and keeping me from testing a lot further, since I enjoy the game but don't want to lose all progress completely with no way to even purchase and play it elsewhere.

    hoping someone can step in and correct me or point me to updated information.
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    Yes, you will not have access to your game saves for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Once Project Stream ends, you will lose your game progress, achievements, any items you collected, credits, etc. You can get more information about technical support for Project Stream here.
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    As an extremely satisfied beta customer, I just want to let Ubisoft know that I would love to pay to continue playing at the end of January via the stream. I'm hooked....
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