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    British Rail

    Fight to the death for the last Egg & Cress sandwich on this retro British Rail Class 225 train inspired map from the late 1980s. If you can actually locate the Egg & Cress sandwich* during a Team Deathmatch you are a total pro.

    There is one pane of glass missing in the last carriage due to changes in the budget thingy but by the time everyone has blown the train to shreds it shouldn't be noticeable.

    *Egg & Cress sandwich may contain Watchdogs bacon.
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    Forgot to mention its on PS4
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    Looking fantastic. Will have a look for sure.
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    Cool map, Creative use of objects. Not sure about the access to the roof of the station, gameplaywise but guess i have to play it too see how it unfolds.
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    Good point about the roof. I was initially intending to block off roof but in the end it seemed the team spawning in the lower section of the station needed a vantage point to counter the team starting in the upper town area. However, it's a bit risky being on the roof when we've tested it and in theory players should only be able to get on section of roof above ticket hall. Have to see how it plays over a longer period. Thanks for your feedback.
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    Well, have played it with a full server. Was a great game, the roof wasnt a problem. Think i saw someone just once up there. Had more problems with the sensor explosive. Gets often too much if everyone is using it. I only use it in a sniper setup. Coz not all are sniping so it isnt used too much.
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    Personally, I find it really hard to judge the ideal loudouts until it's witnessed in-game a lot of times. I think I tend to agree with you, though, as there are some obvious choke points players quickly pick up on, in regards to the explosives. And if everyone chooses same load out, you are correct it can be detrimental to map.


    One time it was played on the generic multiplayer "suggested maps" thingy, it got replayed/revoted 3 times, consecutively with the same players. This was interesting because on 2nd and 3rd play I noticed that there was more shotguns and less explosives used. This was a total rare occurrence to see how the same players use a map after learning it. So maybe, you are right that in the long game, no explosives are actually needed at all?

    I greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks for taking time to play it and comment on it. I'm gonna keep a close eye on the sensor explosives you noted, as I think you may be correct.
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    Those screenshots look great, I will download the map and see it in the editor and come back with some feedback.
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    Haha what a fantastic map. You have really caught the ambience of a small english town, noticed the bank on the corner immediately. Reminds me of somewhere like Knaresborough or somewhere in Yorkshire with those steep roads.

    The layout looks good too, spawns look great and I see its already top-rated. Good job on the map fella, well done. I thought it was an InterCity 125 at first but you obviously know your trains better than me.
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