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    Periklesís Symposium Bugged

    Iíve reached the point where you must reach Pericles home for the symposium how ever someone Iím suppose to speak to isnít there. I end up stuck in the house and the mission cannot completed. A few other people have made a post about a similar issue as well. Anyone heard of a fix for this?
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    Same here

    Apparently Herodotus is supposed to spawn in the room with you and trigger a cutscene. Herodotus randomly died after a cutscene earlier in the game for me and apparently he doesnít come back. Iím thinking I may have to restart from the beginning.
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    Same here

    I have the same problem
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    ubi--unicorn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey guys, thanks for the reports. I've reported this. Just to make sure, what version game are you on?
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    Originally Posted by ubi--unicorn Go to original post
    Hey guys, thanks for the reports. I've reported this. Just to make sure, what version game are you on?
    I've been looking at other post on the forum and posting myself about this problem. I'm exsperincing it on xbox Xbox one but it looks like pc, PlayStation, and the Xbox one x are also having the same problem.
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    the quest I was missing was ĎA Venomous Encounterí Iím level 30 and when I go to Athens, I do a manual save and it says in the save ďPlaying: A Venomous EncounterĒ Iím guessing thereís no way I can get the quest on my current level and Iíll have to start over again
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    Trapped in the Symposium

    I'm having the same issues as everyone else, using a PS4.

    Herotodus died on me in one of the missions, just fainting after a cutscene when Kassandra was going to speak to Perikles after arriving in Athens. Didn't think much of it at the time, except for the fact that the Athenians thought I killed him I suppose and restarted the mission. Same thing happened with Herotodus just falling to the ground, but again, didn't think much of it.

    I started the Symposium before the latest update (1.03) but couldn't interact with anyone. The Venomous Snake guy thanked me, the servant in the kitchen told me to get out, and Sokrates was having a discussion with someone else. No cutscenes, and no side mission. I finally decided to stick around and listen to the Sokrates discussion, at which point it said Quest Complete for the Symposium, and that there were new quests available (I think something with the Minoutar and one involving Hippocrates but can't remember for certain).

    But I can't get out of the party. Decided to unplug my system for a few hours, as I saw someone said that being a help, and it did nothing. Tried going back to a previous save point, and again, nothing. I updated the game to it's current update 1.03, and again, I'm still stuck.
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    I'm on the ps4 1.0.3 patch, and I'm missing the next quest step after completing the 3 intro tasks Perikles gives the main character.

    I started the quest prior to Thursday's patch. I was able to complete the first 3 quests, but then on the latest one, the next step to talk with Perikles and get the next step has not appeared.
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    Bugged out

    Ive completed both side quests for this then it tells me to speak with sokrates. I go to speak with him the he replies * ah the misthios from the ostracism! lets talk later*

    And no matter what i do..... i cant have a convo with sokrates......

    Freaking annoying especially when you decied to uncover every location and do 90% of the side missions.

    And help/tips/info is appreciated.
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    +1 to the party

    Yeah same here version 1.0.3 Xbox one X. Herotodus fell dead after speaking twice, and I'm stuck in residence at level 21.
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